ADT in Italy and Conad del Tirreno: a winning partnership to reduce shrinkage in Retail

Conad del Tirreno is a large grocery Cooperative with locations spread throughout Tuscany, Lazio, Sardinia and the province of La Spezia, and under the following brands: E. Leclerc Conad, Conad Superstore, Conad, Conad City, Sapori & Dintorni and Margherita.

Conad’s mission, as indeed highlighted in its tagline “Artists in quality, masters in convenience”, is to satisfy consumers’ needs in a perspective always in line with new trends and demands. It is also thanks to effective security systems, that Conad del Tirreno can adequately support its relationship with customers.

In fact, this leading retailer decided to adopt proper security, anti-theft measures several years ago, by choosing a versatile technology partner able to offer the highest level of protection in each product category. Conad started their operations in the ‘70s. A few years later, Sensormatic began providing its security systems to support the development of protection in the food industry with Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems in HF (High Frequency), before transitioning to electromagnetic technology during the years of modernization of retail (‘80s and ‘90s). Later on, after its proliferation, Conad del Tirreno and the rest of the marketplace definitely opted for the acousto-magnetic technology.

Nowadays, due to growing brand and format differentiation, retailers also feel a growing need to control and minimize theft. Based on data reported by several studies on theft, shrinkage continues to represent a concerning issue. Acknowledging this reality facing companies and the whole industry on a daily basis, ADT in Italy, part of Tyco International, offers a complete range of anti-theft solutions or EAS able to more effectively fight the phenomenon associated with increased shoplifting.

The Sensormatic line includes anti-theft systems and specific protections for various items, in addition to solutions designed to analyze the flow of visitors, store business intelligence, and RFID.

Conad del Tirreno, having made a precise technological choice in the acousto-magnetic Ultra·Max system, decided to evaluate each store for the best antenna configuration to protect the checkout zones, rather than entrances and exits without purchases. To satisfy the different needs of a store, they implemented a Maxcalibur antenna for an easy and practical access to the cash register by the customer; UltraLane antenna for variable in-lanes; and Ultra·Exit for entrances and exits without purchases, able to cover a range up to 2.4 meters.

Moreover, retailers can leverage effective, multi-level anti-theft protection tools to prevent theft while covering the needs of all product categories within the various departments: from food to new tags for bottles with superlock release, and even hard tags with tacks or lanyards.

In terms of recent technology developments affecting the cash counter, noteworthy is the adoption of deactivators with acousto-magnetic technology directly integrated into the scanners, with a net cost savings and further improved performance.

If theft protection is an imperative for all outlets, for Conad it is even more so, especially within an ever changing retail environment. Guaranteeing the consumer a safe shopping experience is, in fact, an essential value to maintain high standards of quality in the type of service provided.

Relying on suppliers such as ADT – accustomed to providing the best solutions and continuing innovation - has produced important results: today 95% of Conad del Tirreno stores with anti-theft are protected by Sensormatic systems.

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