ASPIAG Realizes the Benefits of EAS Investment by Significant Shrink Reductions and Improved Productivity

In Italy, the DeSPAR brand is represented by 12 regional retail formats connected to the Consortium DeSPAR Italy. The largest is ASPIAG with stores most often run by independent retailers in the "Triveneto" area and in the Ferrara province with approximately 570 DeSPAR, EUROSPAR and INTERSPAR stores.

The Challenge

In recent years, the ASPIAG group was challenged with inventory differences that affected their profits. As a growing retailer they focused their efforts on combating inventory reduction, placing particular attention on selecting a technology solution capable of supporting their need to reduce shrink. After careful analysis they determined the high valued items shoplifters found attractive, which ultimately reduced profits. As a result, ASPIAG turned to ADT to design a plan to effectively reduce the percentage of inventory shortages.

The Technology Solution


To help reduce shrink the ASPIAG group selected ADT’s high performance Sensormatic Ultra•Max acousto-magnetic (AM) anti-theft system to protect 67 of their largest stores. Designed specifically for supermarkets, hypermarkets and other retailers that require lane protection, the Ultra•Lane® slim yet durable design offered ASPIAG minimal impact on shopping cart passage at the POS, utilizing an aesthetically pleasing look. Another important benefit of Ultra•Lane was the easy integration of the deactivation antenna into check stands for fast and simple deactivation of tagged products, enabling customers to move through the POS more quickly and efficiently.

AM systems offer the highest detection rate to protect all types of products. For ASPIAG that meant the ability of the Ultra•Max AM system to detect security tags inside foil-lined bags or tagged products containing non-ferrous metal as well as metal shopping carts. To protect their entrances and exits ASPIAG selected Ultra•Exit antennas to deliver one of the highest levels of anti-theft detection capabilities available today for wide exit protection.

The Return on Investment

According to Massimo Salviato, contract director for Aspiag Service, “as a retailer committed to offering its customers a satisfying shopping experience, ASPIAG pays very close attention to reducing theft. By deploying the Sensormatic Ultra•Max AM solution, with a labeling program for the most stolen items, we discovered our investment in the technology was covered with a remarkable reduction in shrink. We are very pleased with the benefits this high performance solution offers in effectively decreasing inventory differences as well as detecting metallic-based products.”​

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