Belle Embraces Traffic Intelligence to Improve Store Performance and Enhance the Customer Shopping Experience

Belle International Holdings Limited is the number one women’s shoe retailer in the People’s Republic of China, operating 9,612 retail outlets in mainland China, and close to 200 retail outlets in Hong Kong and Macau. They offer a variety of brand names including Hush Puppies, 2Gether, Mirabelle, Belle, Teenmix, Staccato, Tata, Fato, JipiJapa, Joy & Peace and Bata. In 2008, Belle was named number eight in the Business Week Asia 50, the publication’s annual ranking of top Asian companies.

The Challenge

With more than 100 stores in Hong Kong, Belle had been looking for a traffic intelligence solution for their outlets as an important tool for determining the store’s conversion rates. Knowing how many people frequent their stores and at what time allows Belle to focus on a number of operational areas such as how many sales people are required, sales rates and which promotions are attracting shoppers to their stores.

The Solution

Belle was interested in reliable accuracy and after sales service, selecting ADT as their provider after deploying a pilot installation. The Traffic Intelligence solution offered by ADT distinguishes between incoming and outgoing shopper traffic, counts side-by-side traffic and tracks multiple people simultaneously. Comparing people counting information to sales transaction data allows retailers like Belle to calculate the rate of sales per customer visit. Sensors detect and count the number of shoppers entering and leaving a store, placing a time stamp on each count to provide detailed reports highlighting data that’s important to the retailer.

The Result

According to Bryan Fan, Manager, Information Technology for Belle, “This system helps us to understand more about the traffic flow in our stores. Information is solid and reliable, unlike the old days; when our staff had to manually count customer traffic. By comprehensive comparison of different reports, we are able manage resource allocation more efficiently; hence, fully utilize the benefits of the system.”

For Belle, this data can be merged with time and attendance systems to ensure the store is properly staffed to meet customer demand during the busiest times. Additionally, the data allows retailers to measure the effectiveness of advertisements and promotional activity. This valuable operational information provides Belle with an added return on investment from their loss prevention and security solutions.

Recognizing that traffic management information is critically important for Belle, ADT provided rapid response time to get the solution in place and operational. In addition, Belle’s management valued the quality performance of the system as well as the strong relationships with ADT sales and technical support for a skillfully executed deployment that achieved winning results. Now, Belle can use real-time intelligence throughout its retail locations to help improve profits and reduce operational costs – and ultimately to create a more memorable shopping experience.

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