Business Partner Tenzor Deploys Essentials Solutions Chain Wide at Petrol Slovenia

With more than 300 convenience stores throughout the country, Petrol Slovenia offers a wide range of highly pilfered items including food, liquor, motor oil and first aid kits. As one of our business partners in Slovenia, Tenzor identified this potential opportunity for the Essentials platform based on Petrol Slovenia’s experience with EAS at selected outlets.

Petrol Slovenia encountered shrink issues at certain locations, which exceeded their acceptable level. Some of their stores had RF systems; however, they were not satisfied with the performance.

Looking for a cost effective solution to implement chain wide, Tenzor recommended a pilot installation of Essentials solutions to help them evaluate replacing the RF systems.

For the specific pilot location, Tenzor approached the customer four times to present the Essentials pilot concept, and made regular contacts in the Croatian and Serbian markets. They equipped the pilot store with the Essentials AMS-1140 detection system and deactivator, combined with a variety of labels and tags.

Based on their overall satisfaction with the performance of our Essentials platform, Petrol Slovenia will gradually implement the solution at convenience stores experiencing higher theft rates.

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