Case Study: Bestseller India Implements ElectronicSecurity Solutions to Ensure Better Operations

Situational Background

Bestseller is a family-owned apparel company founded in Ringkøbing, Denmark in 1975. Initially, Bestseller focused on women’s fashion; however, only a few years later, they introduced the first collections for both men and children. Today, Bestseller employs more than 41,000 people – designing, developing, selling, and marketing their brands. Their fashion wear and accessories are sold in 46 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Canada through more than 2,500 chain stores, over 300 of which are located in Denmark, and 12,000 external multi-brand stores. In 2009/10 Bestseller opened 474 new stores.

Bestseller India has three brands – Vero Moda and Only for women, and men’s brand Jack & Jones. The women’s accessories brand – Pieces is also available and is sold within Vero Moda and Only stores. In India Bestseller is the flagship apparel retail business.

The Challenge

The 2010 Global Retail Theft Barometer surveyed retailers in 42 countries and regions across the world, including the U.S., China, India, Europe, Japan, Australia and Russia. According to the study, India ranked as the country with the highest shrink rate as a percentage of retail sales (2.72%). Further results revealed that apparel/clothing and fashion/accessories has the second highest shrink rate by vertical market (1.72%), which comprise the line of valued products offered by Bestseller.

While creating their expansion plans, Bestseller India acknowledged the key issues they faced included theft, which directly impacts store profitability. Recognizing the advantages that electronic security systems such as video surveillance and Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) offer, they decided to implement the best in class solutions.

The Solution

To satisfy their needs, Tyco/ADT installed fire alarm solutions that comply with the basic requirements for mall / high street commercial spaces. Additionally, security cameras were installed with appropriate configurations in order to capture a complete view of the selling floor. The Sensormatic brand EAS systems installed have ensured Bestseller the necessary visual theft deterrent, helping reduce theft.

Sensormatic brand Ultra·Tags, which work with a higher magnetic gauss detachers, also help to protect the broad range of merchandise available at Bestseller.

The Benefits

The Sensormatic brand anti-theft systems, which are deployed at the front entrances, are aesthetically pleasing and blend perfectly with their store design concept. The video surveillance systems used is static IP based by which all the stores of Bestseller in India can be seen from a particular location in India. Implementing this solution has enhanced their level of security and vigilance in preventing theft across Bestseller stores.

"Coming in a market which already has established players and still be able to create a place, is what I would say we have been able to do in just more than a year’s time and it brings enormous pride to see the way the brands have been accepted," said Vineet Gautam, Country-Head, Bestseller Retail India

As the 2010 Global Theft Barometer and other major studies indicated, retailers in India are facing almost two times more theft than experiencing globally.

"The retail landscape in India has changed over the last decade with the mushrooming of malls and large format retail stores. The awareness of theft, whether it is internal or external, or organized theft, has increased over the years. Retailers in India are seeing about one and a half to two times more theft than seen globally according to all major studies conducted in this field. Also there is an increasing interest towards store performance solutions and business intelligence that include tracking people, their movements in the store and the pattern of spending their time inside," said Ramesh Jayaraman, Managing Director - ADT India, a segment of Tyco Fire & Security India Pvt Ltd.

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