Case Study: IGA Allambie Heights Embraces an Integrated Security Solution

Margins in the retail sector are always tight, especially in highly-competitive and uncertain economic times. No matter what size your store, shoplifting and internal theft can be devastating to your profitability.

The Problem – Stock loss was hurting the bottom line

Andrew Bray, owner of IGA (Independent Grocers Association) store at Allambie Heights in northern Sydney was increasingly concerned about the level of product shrinkage at his store and its impact on profits.

After assessing his options, he decided he needed to invest in an assessment and upgrade of his existing security system. After comprehensive research and discussions with a number of security vendors, Andrew selected ADT Security to assist him with developing a customized solution.

"I wanted to better manage the business –an effective security system is crucial." — Andrew Bray, Owner,IGA Allambie Heights

The Solution – A cost-effective tailored security upgrade

ADT Security was selected as they combined state of the art technology solutions with highly trained and qualified service technicians, all backed by one of the most experienced and well regarded companies in the industry.

With their vast experience in retail security, ADT Security Sensormatic systems provide superior detection levels and a very low level of false alarms.

In planning the upgrade, ADT Security worked closely with Andrew to incorporate existing alarms, resulting in reduced installation costs. One of the advantages of ADT Security systems is the forward-backward compatibility built into most products and systems.

As Andrew commented, "It makes sense to have just a single security platform and ADT Security provided a one stop solution."

Protection from end-to-end

With a range of small high value stock and family necessities such as razors, baby food, and batteries, as well as everyday items, independent grocers are especially vulnerable to theft. ADT Security worked with Andrew to specify components that would be ideally suited to his local supermarket store.

Security labels on high risk products will activate the store alarm if an attempt is made to remove them without deactivation. The Ultra•Exit system offered by ADT is well suited to the wide door area of Andrew’s store.

It can protect an opening of 2.4m from just 2 pedestals, so devices at individual checkouts are not required. Other systems require additional pedestals to cover the same distance. The integrated people counting feature provides Andrew with helpful information about customer numbers at different times of the day; a useful aid in managing staff rosters and analyzing sales patterns.

The security solution includes a video surveillance system with 15 indoor dome cameras located in the sales area, delivery dock, aisles and deli area. An external vandal resistant dome is positioned at the shop entry. As well as being recorded, images are displayed on a public view monitor to deter would-be thieves. This monitor can also overlay text, giving Andrew the opportunity to increase sales of weekly specials and generate additional revenue from advertisers.


Deterring and detecting thieves day and night, ADT Security provides 24 hour alarm monitoring. If an alarm activates, ADT Security personnel can respond promptly, making the store a tough challenge for criminals.

Security systems that deliver real returns

ADT Security offers flexible and affordable end-to-end security solutions trusted by 80% of the world’s top 100 retailers.

Andrew has been extremely pleased with the outcome. He has noticed that just having the system in place is an effective visual deterrent for shoplifters. He’s been able to observe subtle changes in customer behavior as they notice the security cameras and pedestals.

The result:

Shrinkage has fallen dramatically and profits are up. "I’m confident that if a customer has a labeled product that hasn’t been paid for the system will go off!" — Andrew Bray, Owner, IGA Allambie Heights

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