DIA Strengthens its Agreement for Enhanced Security Solutions to Help Improve the Shopper Experience

The Spanish multinational supermarket chain DIA, which integrated with the International Group Carrefour in 2000, has recently strengthened its relationship with ADT, a worldwide provider of electronic security and fire detection solutions.

Founded in 1979, the pioneering chain known as a "discount supermarket" trusted ADT for the protection of its more than 2,000 establishments – which are comprised of DIA stores and franchises throughout Spain. Their security program has included the renewal of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) anti-theft systems and the advancement of its source tagging program.

Security management is integral to DIA‘s social and business responsibility policy, regarding its customers and its employees. That is the reason why DIA is committed to innovation and recognized the need for the implementation of security strategies and new technologies.

To manage security, while maintaining a pleasant shopper experience, is a daily challenge for many retailers. "ADT provides electronic security solutions to meet the needs of its retail customers and their shoppers," said Rubén García, Manager of ADT’s Retail Division in Spain. "Our electronic protection systems are designed to efficiently help provide merchandise protection from theft in stores, and therefore allow the staff more time to devote to their customers. Also, by preventing inventory losses, the source tagging programme helps to maximize the techniques relating to marketing, product diversification, and general store operations -- ultimately increasing sales and profitability."

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