Eldorado Modernizes its Stores with the Latest Electronic Security Systems

Russia's largest consumer electronics retailer Eldorado, with over 1000 stores in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, switched from Radio Frequency (RF) technology to the high performance Sensormatic acousto-magnetic (AM) Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems as a standard for its store chain. Over the past three months Eldorado completed the final roll out by installing Sensormatic EAS systems in the remaining 80 stores.

Designed to provide anti-shoplifting security for retailers that require checkout lane protection, the Sensormatic® Ultra•Lane® system provides reliable and effective AM technology with a high detection rate to protect high valued electronics merchandise available at Eldorado stores.

In an effort to preserve their store design and aesthetic appeal, Eldorado selected the Sensormatic Ultra•Lane for its ultra thin design and durability. The small size Ultra•Lane antennas can be mounted into cash register's modules (or can be mounted on a support structure in the middle of the exit aisle) without obstructing customer and shopping cart traffic.

The pedestal's ultra-thin, yet durable design offers protection for Eldorado's checkout lanes with minimal impact on shopping cart passage as well as provides an aesthetically pleasing look that preserves the store design. The system is based on Sensormatic Ultra•Max® Acousto Magnetic technology, which is the same technology used by leading retailers around the world to protect their valuable merchandise from theft.

Too much electronic "noise" found in electronics store settings can impact Radio Frequency (RF) performance; thus, Eldorado selected the Sensormatic anti-theft solution. With virtually no false alarms, the Ultra•Lane AM technology offers superior detection performance with the Sensormatic patented resonator technology and new high coercivity bias to achieve high detection that is resistant to detuning by such elements as metal, foil, liquids and magnetic fields - a must for an electronics format like Eldorado. In order to improve efficiency at the front end, they installed the Power Pad® contact-free deactivators into the counters, ultimately enhancing the customer experience with faster check-out.

According to the General Director of Eldorado I. Nemchenko, "specialists of the SM TRADE (an authorized business partner for Sensormatic) have earned the best reputation by providing great assistance in creation of the effective anti-theft system, which in turn provides stable operations at the Eldorado stores in all cities where the chain is present."

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