Expert Retail Industry Technology Analysts Offer Insights on Debut of New Retail Performance Center

On March 1, 2012, Tyco Retail Solutions celebrated the grand opening of its new Retail Performance Center in its Boca Raton, FL headquarters. Guests included local elected officials, media, retail industry technology analysts, local retailers, and executives from a variety of Tyco businesses.

Veteran retail industry technology analyst Ann Grackin, Chief Executive Officer of ChainLink Research, shared her insights on how Tyco Retail Solutions has made significant strides in their application of technology that encompasses the total retail experience.

According to Ann, “At the grand opening of this retail demonstration center, Tyco walked us through the whole process: supply chain, inbound logistics, pricing, checkout, inventory management, analytics for store operations, and, of course, loss prevention…Tyco has been extremely clever in creating technology that blends in with the business process and is unobtrusive to the typical shopper, but protects the assets of the retailer (i.e. loss prevention).”

Another veteran retail industry technology analyst Paula Rosenblum, Senior Partner of Retail Systems Research also covered the event. She commented that the new Retail Performance Center helped her realize just how far providers like Tyco Retail Solutions have come to enable retailers with the ability to monitor in-store events, and develop innovative solutions retailers can implement to improve their top and bottom line results.

Paula said, “I was very impressed by scanning speeds and perhaps for the first time, I understood how RFID could bring benefits without fixed readers covering the entire store floor…The bottom line is the briefing center is a great new asset for Tyco and well worth a visit if you’re in the Boca area. I learned a lot in a few short hours, and think you might as well. If you go, let us know what you think. We were definitely impressed.”

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