Franklins Tightened Checkout Security

About Franklins

Established in 2001, Franklins is a leading discount supermarket chain and Australia’s original discount grocer. Franklins is dedicated to offering big discounts, outstanding customer service and a wide variety of packaged groceries and perishables in metropolitan and rural areas.

The Challenge

With a growing network of 80 stores throughout New South Wales, stock loss through theft really adds up to a serious problem and can significantly erode profits and margins across the business. Constantly busy checkouts, pressure on space around the exits and a commitment to fast and efficient service meant Franklins needed a security system that would minimize shrinkage without negatively impacting customers.

The Solution

Franklins selected ADT Security as a partner and decided to implement the Sensormatic® Maxcalibur system across their stores.

“We were attracted to this product initially because it is so much smaller and more discrete than traditional systems. We simply didn’t have room for bulky antennas or mountings around checkouts,” said Grant Harding, Development Manager of Franklins.

Being far thinner than other systems, Sensormatic® Maxcalibur leaves more room for customers, shopping trolleys, staff and merchandise displays. Cashiers also benefit from having an unobstructed view of would-be shoplifters.

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