Galenas Embraces Acousto-Magnetic Anti-Theft Technology to Help Protect Variety of Popular Merchandise

Galenas, a leading chain of convenience stores located at hospitals, and belonging to the Fundosa Group, business division of ONCE Foundation for the creation of stable jobs for people with disabilities, embraces Sensormatic Ultra•Max acousto-magnetic (AM) antitheft technology sold through ADT. Incorporated in 1990, Galenas is a brand recognized in the hospital sector thanks to its approximately 100 stores located at exclusive areas in public and private hospitals throughout Spain, as well as at shopping and transport centres.

They offer a wide assortment of popular merchandise such as gift items, perfumes, stationery, flowers, electronics, food and much more. Every year, the chain serves more than nine million customers throughout Spain.

To address the lack of reliability of anti-theft solutions it had implemented at its stores, Galenas chose the Sensormatic Essentials anti-theft system and Ultra•Exit pedestals. Moreover, the labeling versatility acousto-magnetic systems provide has also been a key factor for the formalization of the agreement, given that Galenas needed a solution allowing it to label any kind of product.

"ADT’s solutions provide us with a protection system for items at our stores allowing us to considerably reduce the loss of income due to thefts," Antonio José Barea Gaona, Managing Director of Galenas, says. "Their characteristics and the coverage they provide allow us to establish wider entrances at the stores and, at the same time, to guarantee that the products are completely protected."

Uniquely developed as one total value solution, Sensormatic Essentials offers smaller retail formats and independent local retailers optimal detection and reliable merchandise protection to address shoplifting and help preserve their bottom line. Sensormatic Essentials has a wide range of labels to protect a broad assortment of items from apparel to accessories – available in both adhesive and hard labels, pin labels, magnetic labels, strapped labels, insertable labels, etc.– that can be added to any kind of products, regardless of the way they are packaged or wrapped. They reliably protect even products with metal content.

Moreover, because of the characteristics of its stores, Galenas needed pedestals capable of protecting wide areas at their entrance. That is why the company opted to choose Sensormatic Ultra•Exit systems, which detect non-deactivated labels at doors with a width of up to 2.4 meters. With a modern aesthetic design, Ultra•Exit pedestals also include people counting systems and alarm counters to provide valuable business information to store owners.

These systems will be progressively implemented throughout all the Gelanas stores. To date, ADT has already implemented the solution and removed the former protection systems from 10 stores.

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