Gomez Pardo Supermarkets Safeguards Inventory While Improving the Bottom Line

Argentinean supermarket chain Gomez Pardo offers a variety of popular highly stolen products such as cosmetics, perfumes, batteries and bottled wines and spirits. To protect their three stores from theft in Tcuman City, Gomez Pardo (owned by parent company La Lugenze) embraced the benefits of Acousto-Magnetic (AM) technology in safeguarding their inventory and reducing shrink.

Thanks to the effective techniques of sales representative Maximo Gor and his strong connection with Gomez Pardo, he introduced the retailer to an integrated security approach to protect their stores. With his attention to detail and excellent customer service, he combined several products from the Sensormatic portfolio to provide the customer with a robust set of EAS solutions to satisfy all of their security needs.

To help improve the customer checkout process at the front end, Gomez Pardo chose the Essentials AMB-1200 deactivator. With its low profile design and reliable performance the AMB-1200 was the perfect fit for the retailer’s check stands. Allowing products to be openly merchandised while enhancing their level of protection, Gomez Pardo’s integrated approach included Sensormatic Ultra•Post detection systems, Ultra•Tag and Ultra•Tag MT to protect bottled wines and spirits.

“We have found the Sensormatic Essentials system extremely effective in reducing shrink of highly pilfered items like cosmetics, batteries, wines and perfume. We have Sensormatic systems in all of our stores, which provide great performance and a seamless checkout process at the front end.” “La Luguenze SRL,” Cadena de Supermercados, Argentina

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