Grupo Cortefiel Implements Business Intelligence to Improve Store Operations in Europe

Grupo Cortefiel is one of Spain's largest fashion retailers and one of Europe's leading retail companies in the specialty chain category. Through its five brands Cortefiel, Pedro del Hierro, Springfield, women´s secret and Milano together with Fifty Factory Outlet, Grupo Cortefiel operates a network of more than 1,590 stores in 56 countries. Given Grupo Cortefiel's extensive geographic presence, they required a solution to protect their valuable products while also offering vital business intelligence to help drive sales and improve operational efficiencies.

They installed Sensormatic® SmartEAS® technology from ADT throughout their chains in Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria and Hungary due to it being the most beneficial and effective product, offering the maximum advantages.

The solution links information from anti-theft, alarm management, people counting and point-of-sale (POS) systems with the SmartEAS® platform to provide business intelligence that can be used to optimize processes and improve profitability.

Among the key benefits, this solution set will help decrease shrink significantly and also better manage hundreds of employee working hours per year.

Installed in the Cortefiel, Springfield, Pedro del Hierro, Milano and women´secret stores, the Sensormatic® SmartEAS® solution can be used to monitor the flow of people in stores and analyze and manage the anti-theft alarm systems.

SmartEAS® takes the data obtained from each Grupo Cortefiel store and automatically generates exception-based reports that can be used to help enhance the efficiency of the anti-theft systems and reveal how sales figures compare to store traffic. For Cortefiel the most attractive aspect of this type of system is the value added option of the Smart EAS alarm management module, in addition to the people counting system. Smart People Counting provides traffic flow information and store conversion rates in order to measure performance levels and optimise the organisation of tasks, evaluate marketing campaigns and improve sales.

Together with its source tagging program and its Sensormatic® anti-theft systems which are also provided by ADT, Grupo Cortefiel has introduced an integrated solution for loss prevention and business intelligence which can be used to deliver outstanding protection for its entire network and improve store operations.

"Delivering business intelligence is the next step in terms of loss prevention," says Ricardo Arroyo, ADT Director of Strategic Accounts (Retail) for Southern and Western Europe. "Our SmartEAS® technology will allow Grupo Cortefiel to efficiently link and use the information from its anti-theft and POS systems. This integration provides real-time intelligence at store, region and corporate level, enabling the ability to act quickly."

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