HEMA Achieved Higher Customer Satisfaction Through SmartEAS

Everyday HEMA stores cater to a wide variety of customers attracted by the distinctive selection of products available. As an international retail organization with approximately 375 stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany, HEMA has the breadth and scope to offer its customers a single source for purchasing an extensive range of goods, including clothing, food, sporting goods, gardening tools, and office supplies. Celebrated as customer-friendly with a unique profile, HEMA distinguishes itself from other retailers by selling its own brand. They take great pride in their formula for success — the customer always comes first.

Their successful formula is characterized by wide product assortments, low prices and a high degree of self-service in the stores. HEMA products are typically convenient, practical, and attractive — with attention to quality. With cakes and pastry among the most popular HEMA item delivered fresh daily to each store, HEMA develops its own products and enjoys surprising customers with special promotions.


Since the first store opened in Amsterdam in 1926, HEMA has experienced rapid growth and continues to focus on an aggressive expansion plan. Consistent growth drives the need for improved operational efficiencies to help increase profitability and reduce theft.

Always on the pulse of the latest methods to save time, money and to help focus staff on spending more time selling and assisting customers, HEMA was one of the first European retailers to implement an Acousto-Magnetic (AM) EAS system. By 1997 all company owned stores as well as franchised stores were operational with AM. In addition, HEMA was the first retailer in Europe to embrace “source tagging” (where security tags are applied during manufacturing instead of in-store tagging) in 1995.


HEMA has successfully avoided extra handling at the check out with 40% of all articles source tagged and 50% of the hard goods source tagged with the AM label. By source tagging most article groups with high shrinkage and having a minimum of hard tags in the store, HEMA has realized improved efficiencies while lowering shrink and increasing sales.

HEMA also evolved their security systems with Sensormatic EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance), SmartEAS® and CCTV.

The adoption of People Counting and SmartEAS® enabled HEMA identify additional sales opportunities by measuring customer visits, what days and times most customers visited the stores and importantly, the sales conversion ratios. This valuable information lets HEMA optimize staffing levels by store, adjust opening times to suit customer demand and analyze results of advertising campaigns. Ultimately this helps identify additional sales opportunities and creates an understanding of what is valuable for each individual consumer.


According to Mr. Marinus Kuite, Information Manager for HEMA Stores, “By identifying important customer trends such as peak shopping hours, traffic counts, conversion rates of visitors to sales and the most successful advertising campaigns, we were able to increase sales by improving store layouts and reduce theft by optimizing our staffing levels. With these enhanced security features, HEMA experienced higher customer satisfaction by better understanding what creates a valuable shopping experience for our customers. After analyzing the data collected, we improved staff training to gain maximum value on our investment.”​

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