Ingles Markets Discover It's All About The View To Help Improve Front End Operations

With its trademark slogan “The Ingles Advantage” Ingles Markets Incorporated are known for providing one-stop shopping convenience to their valued customers. Celebrating over 40 years, Ingles Markets is a leading supermarket chain with operations in six southeastern states. Headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina, the Company operates 197 supermarkets. In conjunction with its supermarket operations, the Company also operates 73 neighborhood shopping centers, of which all but 16 contain an Ingles supermarket.

The same customer focus and commitment to quality and convenience on which Bob Ingle founded the business in 1963, continues now throughout the organization. Today the Company offers customers a wide variety of nationally advertised food products, including grocery, meat and dairy products, organics, produce, frozen foods and other non-food products, including health and beauty care (HBC) products and general merchandise (GM), as well as quality private label items.


“Since LaneVision® is not a visible technology it blends seamlessly with the store décor to give our stores a cleaner look,” according to Don Howell, Ingles Markets.

To help increase sales to affect top line growth and control the bottom line shrink, Ingles integrated Sensormatic® LaneVision®, distributed by ADT, into their current security technology solutions which included American Dynamics® CCTV, fixed cameras and Intellex® Digital Video Recorder. LaneVision, a patented camera system concealed in the check stand light at the point-of-sale (POS), captures total POS transaction and interaction with one perfect shot for all areas of checkout including; cashier, register, customer, cash drawer, product, scanner, bagger and cart. The camera is undetectable to the employee or the customer, yet allows for the recording of all transactions from only a few feet away.

A major benefit of the system for Ingles was the ability to record video footage at close range. The unique angle allows the camera to capture the customer and employee(s) all in one shot and the camera’s position makes it virtually impossible to block or shield. Conceivably, all aspects of every transaction at the front-end are captured from only a few feet away — taking Ingles beyond loss prevention.

Since LaneVision is a COVERT camera enclosure, customers will continue to act as though they are not being recorded from LaneVision’s perfect angle. With typical OVERT cameras, customers that may be engaging in illicit activities often shield themselves from camera view by wearing a ball cap or simply looking down. Because the customer doesn’t know the camera is recording them from only a few feet away, they act naturally. With a focused shot suspects are captured on video, enabling Ingles to supply footage to local authorities to help apprehend criminal suspects.

According to Don Howell, Director of Security and Loss Prevention, “Every retailer wants to reduce shrink at the POS. To improve both security and operational efficiency, we utilized the camera placement to help Operations and Risk Management have more control over store views when reviewing videos. Since LaneVision is built into the check stand light we have more control over our cashiers’ activities.” Mr. Howell continues, “From an operations perspective the ability to review past transactions has helped improve employee training and evaluations and more importantly helped eliminate confusion when determining the cause of customer/employee disputes. Reviewing all events in the checkout area has resulted in increased productivity, higher customer satisfaction, and enhanced security at the POS.”

“To keep up with population growth in the Southern U.S., we’re remodeling our older stores to fit into one consistent large format. As a result we required a loss prevention solution that would improve store operations and customer service while minimizing the impact to our store design. Since LaneVision is not a visible technology it blends seamlessly with the store décor to give our stores a cleaner look. We can easily add Lane Vision to the check stand which allows for a quicker installation process,” added Mr. Howell.​

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