Italian Retailer Limoni Perfume Combats Shoplifting with Sensormatic Foil-Lined Bag Detection Systems

From petty theft to highly organized retail crime, the creativity of criminals is vast. According to the 2009 Global Retail Theft Barometer, worldwide shrink amounted to almost $115 billion last year with shoplifting representing nearly $50 billion of total global shrink. As thieves continue to improve their tactics it is important to develop tools to keep retailers one step ahead. With an integrated approach to retail security ADT provides customers with Sensormatic solutions that help combat theft from multiple angles.

Limoni Perfume, part of "Gruppo Limoni SPA" Italy, is a leading chain of 500 perfume stores geographically dispersed throughout the country. As a retailer focused on the customer first, they offer a wide selection of high-value, multi-brand products of top prominence. Theft of these popular, smaller items occurs because they are easily-concealed and offer high resale street value; therefore foil-lined clothing and "booster bags" are common tools for shoplifters.

Blending into the store environment with an ordinary looking bag or jacket, the shoplifter is able to pilfer items virtually unnoticed. Capable of carrying large quantities of products, these methods often enable thieves to walk out of store exits undetected by blocking the signals from anti-theft devices; leaving behind no indication a crime has been committed.

Given the value and small size of many of Limoni products, they required an effective solution that does not interfere with the customer shopping experience. To help fight shrink, Limoni chose the Sensormatic foil-lined bag detection solution, a part of the Sensormatic Ultra•Exit portfolio to standardize its store network. This solution specifically detects "booster bags" and clothing thieves often use to circumvent anti-theft systems. As would-be thieves enter stores, the solution notifies retailers of the event thereby identifying shoplifters before they steal.

This solution appealed to Limoni because it integrates seamlessly with Sensormatic Ultra•Exit pedestals, without the need to install additional antennas or modify pedestal layouts. It offers Limoni excellent detection coverage up to 2m (6'6") wide and allows Limoni to optimize retail floor space to enhance the customer shopping experience while protecting their bottom line.

The Ultra•Exit solution offers one of the highest levels of theft deterrent available today, while preserving store aesthetics with a modern design that blends perfectly with the décor and visual displays that characterize Limoni stores. Limoni opted for the solution because it combined their need for electronic security and aesthetics which they recognized is not always an easy goal to achieve.

"Techniques such as foil-lined bags, even clothing, are becoming more common shoplifting methods used by thieves and they can severely reduce our profits," said Limoni purchasing manager. "The Sensormatic Ultra•Exit system enables us to significantly reduce shrink and improve profitability resulting in a rapid return on our investment. This technology solution proactively helps us stay one step of the offenders."

The Sensormatic solution can filter common metal items such as shopping carts, keys, cell phones and metal packaged goods. Limoni can choose between several alarm methods including, a remote alarm, beacon lamp or standard Ultra•Exit alarm that sounds a distinct tone for metal detection alerts. Also Limoni can customize their alarm method by mapping the alarm to a separate device such as a cell phone, PDA or pager.

Compatible with the Sensormatic SmartEAS solution, it has the ability to communicate with the Local Device Manager, allowing Limoni to capture store data through detailed reports to identify trends, store challenges and potential shrink issues to help increase overall profits.

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