La Gallega Supermarkets Enhances Merchandise Protection, Maximizes Shopper Convenience

Supermarkets face not only significant challenges with shrink and razor-thin margins, but also the challenges to protect the most frequently shoplifted items. La Gallega in Rosario city Argentina was no exception, with the need to protect an assortment of high theft items in their chain of eight supermarkets. According to the 2010 Global Retail Theft Barometer supermarkets carry some of the moststolen, popular branded product lines.

To effectively address their security needs, La Gallega switched from electromagnetic (EM) to acoustomagnetic technology (AM), embracing the benefits of the Sensormatic Essentials anti-theft solution suite, which utilizes AM and Bias Resonator technology.

AM technology offers food retailers like La Gallega the exit coverage small retail formats need and better detection for protecting their assortment of items in metal foil wrapping. Tags and labels featuring Bias Resonator technology offer more effective merchandise protection -- even in the presence of such elements as metal, foil, and liquids.

Uniquely developed as one total value solution, Sensormatic Essentials offers smaller retail formats and independent local retailers optimal detection and reliable merchandise protection to address shoplifting and help preserve their bottom line. In addition to carrying foil metalbased items like razor blades and batteries, a high percentage of La Gallega’s general merchandise and health/beauty/cosmetic product packaging contains metal. By nature of their high theft value, these items present an added layer of complexity for retailers like La Gallega to create a safer shopping environment with better access to more conveniently displayed products.

In comparison to EM and RF systems, AM systems have the highest detection rate to protect all types of products, especially metal-based or metallic-packaged goods, prompting La Gallega to choose AM technology versus RF due to high performance. Additionally, the Sensormatic Essentials low-profile front-end Point of Sale deactivator and detaching solution helps move La Gallega’s customers through the checkout process quickly – maximizing shopper convenience.

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