Leading Retailers Embrace Integrated Detection Capabilities to Help Cut Shrink and Optimize Productivity

Marionnaud Cites Improved Protection of Merchandise and Profits as Key Benefits

Shoplifting is the single largest source of shrink and threatens every retailer’s bottom line. The 2010 Global Retail Theft Barometer reported that shoplifting cost retailers worldwide over $45 billion in losses last year alone, citing cosmetics as one of the most highly pilfered product categories. As shoplifters grow increasingly sophisticated and organized, Tyco Retail Solutions’ Sensormatic Enhanced Detection Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) suite allows retailers to combat shrink and advanced shoplifting techniques including foil lined booster bags and jammer systems, all while remaining transparent to shoppers.

The new Sensormatic Enhanced Detection EAS suite based upon genuine Sensormatic acousto-magnetic (AM) technology provides innovative and more robust shoplifting protection, as well as new performance functions for easier management of in-store EAS programs. Ultra•Exit, the foundation of the Enhanced Detection suite, is currently deployed in over 15,000 stores. The Ultra•Exit solution along with its new enhanced capabilities, is now available globally.

Product Suite Highlights:

  • Fully integrated — by leveraging multi-purpose devices, enhanced detection capabilities are combined in one single system; no stand-alone devices are required.
  • Add on functionality — allows retailers to incrementally build functionality as needed, reinforcing their current EAS foundation and providing a clear migration path to RFID.
  • Proven reliability — the solution is based upon the industry-leading performance of genuine Sensormatic AM technology, which boasts the highest detection rates of pilfered goods.
  • Optimizes loss prevention capabilities — provides remote and custom event notification, as well as jammer and metal foil “booster” detection.
  • Bolsters in-store productivity — unique people counting feature aligns staff with peak traffic times, optimizing labor costs and enabling store associates to focus on shoppers.
  • Built upon the Ultra•Exit EAS platform — offers contemporary aesthetic design and 50 percent lower power consumption than previous systems.
  • Upgradeable — to include integrated RFID capability, as needed.

Marionnaud, Europe’s leading perfumery and cosmetics retailer and part of internationally recognized A.S. Watson Group, offers a wide selection of high-value, multi-brand luxury products — a prime target for thieves. To help reduce theft and improve profitability, leading retailers such as long-time ADT customer Marionnaud are already using the solution and its integrated detection capabilities.

According to Marionnaud, “Shoplifters are more organized and aggressive than ever, using foil-lined bags and jammer devices commonly exploited by thieves. Sensormatic brand EAS systems enable us to stay ahead of professional shoplifters, helping protect our merchandise and our store profits.”

Unlike other offerings, the Tyco Retail Solutions Sensormatic Enhanced Detection EAS suite doesn’t require retailers to purchase unsightly stand-alone add on devices that detract from store aesthetics and take up valuable real estate at store entrances. AM-based EAS systems are the best selling technology in the marketplace, especially for retailers with metal-based or metallic-packaged goods as they offer the highest detection rates to protect all types of highly pilfered items.

Additionally, retailers can optimize productivity immediately as the Enhanced Detection suite provides integrated people counting, directionality, “tags too close” notifications, as well as local EAS device management. Together, these capabilities provide EAS protection today, while offering retailers the ability to maximize their investment and add fully integrated modules in the future.

With increased functionality, connectivity and interoperability, the Sensormatic Enhanced Detection EAS suite offers retailers an integrated platform approach to improve productivity, enhance security and the flexibility to migrate to RFID-based inventory visibility solutions.​

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