NorgesGruppen Selects Sensormatic EAS to Prevent Theft at its Stores Across Norway

Norway's Leading Grocery Retailer to Deploy Highly Effective Sensormatic Acousto-Magnetic Detection Technology from ADT with Real-Time Remote Monitoring to Help Control Theft

Infratek ASA, an authorized business partner for Sensormatic Retail Solutions in Norway, will provide NorgesGruppen, the nation's leading food retailer, with Sensormatic Ultra•Max acousto-magnetic (AM) anti-theft protection at its 3,000 kiosks, supermarkets and hypermarkets across Norway. In addition, Infratek will provide NorgesGruppen with remote real-time monitoring and service of networked Sensormatic systems. The grocer will also consider a source-tagging program on selected goods to help save employees' time and ensure compliance with its tagging protocol.

The new Sensormatic AM based, anti-theft solutions will replace Radio Frequency (RF) systems currently installed in NorgesGruppen stores. Before NorgesGruppen chose to upgrade to the Sensormatic Ultra•Max AM solution, it conducted a three-month pilot of AM technology. It found that the AM system detection rate was almost 99% and triggered no false alarms.

"Anti-theft detection solutions have proven to be an efficient measure against theft, and with the AM-technology the solutions have become even more reliable. We have therefore entered a long-term agreement with Infratek, and strongly believe our new solution will contribute to a further reduction in theft," said purchasing manager at NorgesGruppen, Finn Arild Bråthen.

AM-based Sensormatic EAS systems help retailers like NorgesGruppen detect thefts of metal-based or metal-packaged goods. The AM technology can also detect security tags on goods in metal shopping carts. Independent research has confirmed what the NorgesGruppen pilot revealed: AM systems have superior detection rates compared to RF in protecting all types of products to help retailers reduce shrink and improve their bottom line.

To help increase sales while controlling shrink across its large market footprint, NorgesGruppen will deploy a real-time remote monitoring center that combines the Sensormatic Local Device Manager EAS network solution and a Sensormatic SmartEAS real-time intelligence solution. This will help the chain increase efficiency and decrease the overall cost of ownership of its EAS investment. To help further its efficiency and boost customer service, NorgesGruppen will integrate Sensormatic scanner deactivation to provide faster point-of-sale throughput for seamless customer checkout.

As part of its EAS makeover, NorgesGruppen will implement a Sensormatic AM source-tagging program to reduce labor costs and increase compliance with the chain's tagging requirements. Given the smaller Sensormatic AM tag size compared to the larger RF tags, NorgesGruppen will be able to protect a wider variety of items without masking consumer brand, doses and other important product information.

"As Norway's largest grocery and specialty items retailer, NorgesGruppen's selection of the Sensormatic Ultra•Max AM anti theft solution helps affirm its potential to reduce theft for food retailers across Europe and worldwide," said John Smith, ADT Security's Vice President of Retail Sales for Europe and Middle East. "Coupled with Sensormatic AM source tagging and remote monitoring, NorgesGruppen should be able to cut theft, improve customer service and, ultimately, increase its profitability."

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