PAK’n’SAVE Sends Shoplifters Packing

About PAK’n’SAVE

The PAK’n’SAVE policy is to provide New Zealand’s lowest food prices by keeping costs low and negotiating the purchase of everyday basic products in large volumes. PAK’n’SAVE is part of the Foodstuffs organization — one the country’s biggest grocery distributors.

The Challenge

As an essential part of their business strategy, PAK’n’SAVE works hard every day to reduce costs in store and across the business. Their stores have a practical approach - no extravagant lighting, floor coverings or shelving. They offer an environment where it is easy to shop with lots of fast-moving checkouts.

So when it came to store security, these same central business objectives remained:

  • Cut costs. They needed a system to minimize stock loss to keep costs down.
  • Fast. It was essential that security didn’t slow down speed of service through the checkout.
  • Unobtrusive. The need for discrete solutions for aisle-based EAS.

The reliable deactivation device is quick and easy to use at the checkout.

The Solution

ADT Security custom-designed and installed the Sensormatic® Maxcalibur system across the new PAK’n’SAVE Mangere store, with immediate and significant results.

“To be honest I was initially reluctant to implement a new system. However, now having seen the real success we’ve had in our business I’m very glad we did it,” said Michael Kennedy, owner and operator of PAK’n’SAVE Mangere. “It’s saved us a lot of money from day one, and continues to work well for us every day of the week.” Once installed, the discreet antennas are unobtrusive and detect any tagged products walking out the door, while the reliable deactivation device is quick and easy to use at the checkout, which offers a good end-to-end solution for retail environments. The deactivator can be installed on the countertop or even embedded into the scanner so it becomes a natural part of the checkout process.

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