Shrink? Piazza Italia Found the Answer

Renowned apparel chain chooses Sensormatic technology sold by ADT Fire & Security-Italy to help prevent shoplifting.

Apparel chain Piazza Italia has experienced significant growth thanks to the talent and proven know-how of a team of young entrepreneurs. The Naples-based company was able to earn their customers’ trust, rapidly increasing both revenues and number of stores by adopting a very dynamic business approach, which helped Piazza Italia become an important national and international reality in just a few years. Today, the chain is comprised of over 100 owned outlets and 10 franchised stores abroad.

From the very beginning, Piazza Italia has always invested a great deal of time and resources on loss prevention, taking into consideration their stores’ location in Italy’s top malls and the usual high traffic. And from the onset, they chose Sensormatic acoustomagnetic (AM) technology, a perfect match for Piazza Italia’s needs: high detection rate, virtually no false alarms, modern aesthetics, wide exit coverage, high quality performance and reliability.

Stores located in different environments with diverse footprints require flexible Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems capable of assuring high quality detection, while blending with store aesthetics and ensuring ease of access, even in the case of considerable traffic. For these reasons, Piazza Italia selected Sensormatic Ultra•Exit in most of the stores. The Ultra•Exit system offers the highest level of theft deterrence, covering up to 2.4m, to help reduce shrink while preserving profits -- without compromising store aesthetics and maximizing customer flow.

Since Piazza Italia wanted to protect clothing and accessories with reliable hard tags, they have always used Sensormatic SuperTag, the best solution for protecting a wide variety of items. The small size provides the right visual deterrent without detracting from the merchandise presentation. Its rigid ABS plastic housing combined with the Sensormatic patented rotary clamp and spring gate mechansim provide Piazza Italia with a formidable security device to protect theft-prone merchandise.

Starting in 2009, Piazza Italia has made further steps toward both shrink and cost reduction. In fact, through the use of the small and lightweight SuperTag VST hard tags, the retailer tells the manufacturer which items must be protected at the time of packaging; the benefits are obvious: merchandise can be displayed right after delivery to the store, sales associates can devote their time and energy to serving customers instead of tagging merchandise in the store, and items are protected in a consistent and standardized fashion at a lower cost.

As some independent studies certify, AM technology offers industry-leading detection rates. The US-based Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) conducted a retailer-sanctioned study on theft deterrence from EAS systems involving 320 stores. Tests aimed at measuring EAS effectiveness reported that, on average, AM technology detection rates were more than 1.5 times higher than that of radio frequency (RF) technology.

Retailers like Piazza Italia allow ADT’s sales team to express their full customer service potential, transforming a simple vendor/customer relationship into a true partnership under a common goal: an increasingly profitable business.

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