Source Tagging Recirculation Helps Retailers Lay Foundation for RFID

Revolutionary source tagging recirculation program helps global retailers lay foundation for RFID tagging and embrace green retailing principles

In the fast-paced apparel industry it’s all about meeting shopper demand. Keeping merchandise accessible yet protected is a top priority. What could be better than combining the benefits of a strong visual theft deterrent with point-of-manufacture source tagging to provide broader merchandise coverage for safeguarding more items? Answer: a revolutionary Source Tagging Recirculation program designed not only to help retailers improve supply chain and selling floor efficiency, but also improve profits by allowing faster delivery of merchandise to the selling floor. The items arrive properly secured against theft and ready to be displayed for purchase.

With an eye towards sustainability, the Source Tagging Recirculation initiative embraces green retailing principles by repurposing tags to save valuable time, money and resources. Retailers can also maximize the use of their current Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) infrastructure with a program that drives enterprise anti-theft compliance. Having suppliers tag at the source helps improve tag compliance and ensure safe tag application, making sure store associates know exactly where to find the tag to remove it at the point-of-sale (POS).

"Retailers and retail supply chain leaders are looking to achieve higher levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction through sustainable, innovative growth programs," said Leslie Hand, Research Director for IDC Retail Insights.

Breaking down the three R’s: Recirculated, Recertified and Reusable

Here’s how it works: Tyco Retail Solutions’ hard tag program repurposes tags that are applied at the manufacturing source, and then recirculated from the retail store. With the program, retailers can buy only the tags they need, and receive credits promptly when the tags are returned for recirculation —Tyco Retail Solutions bears all the hard tag inventory risk. In addition, tagging costs can be built into the garment, not buried in store payroll. Merchandise arrives ready to sell, accelerating both sales and inventory turns.

The program offers retailers a low cost-per-use hard tag security solution, providing the benefit of a visible source tag that is recirculated, recertified, reusable -- time and time again. In addition, the tag is designed to be reused multiple times, helping to reduce the operational cost of a retailer’s EAS program. And when RFID technology joins EAS source tags, retailers will enjoy the added benefits of a secure global supply chain’s advanced inventory intelligence from end to end. Having an established EAS recirculation path will be a tremendous advantage as retailers migrate to item level inventory solutions.

Unparalleled Expertise, Global Coverage, Worldwide Order Support

Tyco Retail Solutions is the only supplier today with three automated recirculating processing centers globally and eight tag distribution center points, geographically positioned close to garment manufacturing to help save retailers the cost of freight and other costs associated with purchasing source tags. The Source Tagging Recirculation program is an environmentally responsible initiative retailers can easily integrate into existing sustainability programs to underscore a commitment to protecting the environment.

Recirculation provides a number of benefits compared toan in-store program, including:

  • Labor savings — fewer payroll hours at the store to apply tags, and a higher percentage of time spent on selling and customer service.
  • Less shortage — more tags on more items throughout the store, with 100% compliance and 100% consistency, and no merchandise left untagged in back rooms.
  • Increased sales — better speed to floor, fewer stockouts on popular items, and store associate time spent selling, not tagging.
  • Consistency — application in manufacturing environment, for fewer damages and a better appearance.
  • Lowest tag cost — overall tagging cost is reduced by selling the tag back to Tyco compared to utilizing the tag one time.

Trusted by the World’s Top Retailers

A current initiative at seven top global apparel retailers, Tyco Retail Solutions’ Source Tagging Recirculation program is based on over 40 years of excellence and market leadership in the retail industry, and currently over 750 million hard tags are recirculated annually. The Source Tagging Recirculation program puts the infrastructure in place to deliver cost-effective protection today, and unlock the full capabilities of EAS and RFID source tagging for robust protection and end-to-end inventory visibility tomorrow.​

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