Sprinter Relies on Anti-theft Systems to Help Protect Sports Megastores

Spanish retail chain Sprinter is focused on selling fashion and sports apparel for men, women and children. They are part of Grupo Sprinter, an organization whose share capital is hundred percent Spanish and its corporate purpose is exclusively the sale of fashion and sports apparel for men, women and children at its own stores. The chain has 45 stores, with an average surface area from 1,500 to 2,000 square meters, located at some of the most important shopping centres in Spain. They offer a wide selection of leading worldwide brands in the sector and own brands with an excellent quality-price ratio.

In view of their strong growth experienced last year, Sprinter decided to strengthen its anti-theft systems with a solution allowing the gathering and management of key data for its business by installing electronic protection systems for items at seven recently opened stores. The group selected the Sensormatic acousto-magnetic (AM) technology sold through ADT, which included Sensormatic Ultra•Exit pedestals at store entrances and exits, as well as the Local Device Manager (LDM) SmartEAS connectivity system for the management of data, alarms and people counters.

The group already worked with the Sensormatic AM technology at its existing and new stores; thus strengthening the protection offered by Ultra•Exit labeling and pedestals with the LDM connectivity platform, which serves as a point to gather data from anti-theft systems (EAS) and to manage alarms and people counting systems. Furthermore, Ultra•Exit pedestals have a metal foil “booster” detection system allowing the store to identify the entrance and exit of bags with foil lining on their interior. These booster bags are devices used by thieves to avoid an alarm when stealing tagged goods.

The LDM platform gathers information from the seven stores in the quickest, most accurate manner and sends data to Sprinter’s head office in Elche (Alicante, Spain). With this platform, the group obtains valuable data on activated alarms and on the response given to them at the store, the count of deactivated labels (removable or adhesive), and the number of people entering and exiting the stores. The item data can be collected when an alarm event occurs. As a result, the head office can be aware in detail, both of the management of alarms and of the products from which labels have been removed. They may easily compare this data with sales data and, at the same time, control internal theft.

Iván Mira, from the marketing department at Grupo Sprinter said: "The positive experience with safety and alarm management technology provided by ADT has led us to install at new stores a system allowing us to obtain management information on each Sprinter location, so that we can establish continuous improvement processes and ensure that they are increasingly more profitable. The results obtained at these seven stores will be crucial to consider the installation of this system at the rest of sports megastores distributed throughout Spain."

LDM is an extendable and scalable solution, which adapts to each customer’s needs. With LDM, Sprinter can generate customized reports for the identification of trends or the management of specific objectives at each store or in the whole group, as well as for the identification of eventual causes for losses.

Establishing new strategies to prevent losses gives Sprinter the opportunity to increase the total profitability of each store and, in general, of the whole group.

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