Super Security for Super Cheap Auto Group

With a Rapidly Growing Business and Hundreds of Stores, SCAG Identified the Need for a National and International Security Provider that Could Grow With Them

The challenge

With a rapidly growing business and hundreds of stores, Super Cheap Auto Group (SCAG) identified the need for a national and international security provider that could grow with them. With such a varied product range, SCAG required a complex and highly networked solution to help protect them from theft, intrusion, security breaches and product loss.

They needed a provider with proven large scale retail security experience, a presence across Australia, and an end-to-end range of products and services that could meet SCAG's uncompromising commitment to protecting its people and property. After researching the market, ADT Security was identified as the ideal choice.

The solution

SCAG has been a customer of ADT Security since September 2006. The first step was rolling out sophisticated electronic article surveillance (EAS) for the BCF (Boating Camping and Fishing) chain of stores and in 2008 this was significantly expanded across the whole group to include intrusion alarms, video surveillance and monitoring security solutions.

Alarms have been installed externally as well as internally, to help protect confidential trading information. In the event the phone lines are not available, a backup alarm signal path ensures alarm communication to the ADT Security Response Centre is not compromised, and any attempted breaches can be immediately acted upon.

Additionally, the management team benefits from using supervised monitoring, which means stores can be monitored remotely to ensure agreed trading hours are adhered to. Video visual surveillance covers all areas, from the docks to the trading floor, encompassing the aisles, over Point-Of-Sale desks and entry / exit points. SCAG also uses the ADT Select real time web based customer service portal to view alarm history, schedules, callouts and zone lists, and run reporting.

The BCF (Boating Camping and Fishing) stores have an added level of protection with EAS in the form of Sensormatic Ultra Post systems, self contained pedestals with integrated power supply for easy installation and lower cost. This includes a wide range of hard tags to cover apparel, fishing rods and reels, disposable security labels to protect lures, DVD's and Protex individual alarms to protect electronic navigation systems and fish finders.

The Goldcross Cycles stores have also started an innovative trial of automated people counting retail analytics software in four of their major stores in Queensland and Victoria.

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