Who Helps Protect the Best Pharmacies?

Front of store merchandise is especially vulnerable and when left exposed, can devastate a pharmacy’s profitability. It’s no wonder that retailers rely on Sensormatic® anti-theft solutions from ADT® to help provide the cure.

For example, Terry White Rockingham (Terry White Chemist’s Pharmacy of the Year 2008), asked Sensormatic for a total solution embracing:

  • Wide aisle checkout technology
  • Friendly, welcoming aesthetics
  • Performance without false alarms
  • Tags that did not cover up important information or overpower perfumery packaging
  • No barriers at the forward central pay station
  • Discreet camera systems,

to create a management system to control theft in their pharmacy.

An added problem was a pay/cash desk that could not accommodate pedestals because of the narrowness of this new store design. Sensormatic Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems are ideal for pharmacy retailers, with insertable anti-theft items and reusable tags for sunglasses, hats, toys and gift items. Combine these benefits with ADT Security’s 24/7 monitored intruder and smoke alarms, access control and video surveillance, and retailers like Terry White Chemists have a powerful system to help protect their pharmacy.

Pharmacists incorrectly assume that if they don’t tag everything they won’t get results. And to tag everything means a great deal of work, therefore, they do nothing. The 80/20 rule, and staff training that reinforces the use of the manufacturer’s barcode as part of the deterrent aspect of the system, now has the pharmacist seeing the system as a management tool to increase bottom line profits by controlling shrink.

Terry White Chemists, Rockingham utilized Sensormatic’s wide aisle pedestals in the two major openings; the major opening of eight meters was covered by the four pedestal system, the second opening had merchandise close to the store front which had to be both seen and accessible.

The new Ultra•Exit system was used, giving total coverage to the four meter opening while maintaining the pulling power of the specials located behind the Sensormatic slim line pedestals. Now surpassing over 75,000 Ultra•Exit units shipped worldwide, the system offers a triple combination: contemporary design, wide range of models for different retail formats and the highly effective Ultra•Max® acousto-magnetic (AM) anti-theft technology — ideal for protecting metal-based or metal-packaged goods commonly found at Terry White Chemists.

The main pay station was protected using one single pedestal in the middle; the field of coverage was extended by using Ranger antennas’ inserted into the door frame. This configuration provided the checkout style pay station the coverage needed without pedestals intruding into the important customer payment area.

Terry White Rockingham chose to use the Sensormatic video surveillance system to further reinforce the deterrent effect to reduce losses. Through a total solution approach from ADT, Terry White Chemists achieves superior EAS protection combined with aesthetics to improve store operations and protect their profits.

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