Retail Without Disappointment: Consumer Reaction to Out-Of-Stocks

Talk to consumers and they will tell you their experience shopping most stores is dismal. Out-of-stocks, rude employees, and crowds are just some of the reasons that consumer's dread shopping most retailers. Increasingly they are shopping online not so much because they are checking for a better price, but because they simply do not feel valued at the local store. Their experience of out-of-stocks is as high as 25% in several retail segments, with promotional deals seeing even higher levels. This webinar will review a recent study where we not only looked at the issue of retailers not having product, but how many chances they will give retailers to get it right before never stepping foot in the store again. Also, what do they consider a deal in our culture of discounting and smartphones at the ready?Finally, what are the IT solutions that are having an impact on this issue?

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