Expanded Sensormatic Portfolio Gives Retailers the Total Package

New Sensormatic Sensors Address High-Theft, High-Velocity Categories for Comprehensive Store Merchandise Protection

For over 45 years, Tyco has protected our retail customers with Sensormatic brand electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems. As a company, we’ve made it a priority to deliver superior, reliable Genuine Sensormatic products to our customers to ensure the safety/profitability of their business. Our sensors undergo strict engineering testing to ensure maximum performance, meeting customer as well as global regulatory requirements. In fact, over the past decade, more than 40 billion retail goods have been protected at source with Sensormatic solutions. And with Sensormatic’s new expanded tag portfolio the number will certainly increase.

“Protecting products from theft while effectively merchandising products is a priority for retailers,” said Nancy Chisholm, vice president and general manager, Tyco Retail Solutions. “Our new tags and wraps are designed to minimize any impact on merchandising, while delivering the same trusted results as our traditional line of genuine Sensormatic tags. By protecting a wider variety of merchandise we can provide our customers a single source of tags and sensors to protect the entire store inventory.”

The new sensors added to our existing portfolio now complete our customer offering with new product applications in categories not previously protected, making Tyco a one-stop-source for store protection.

The expanded portfolio includes sensors that protect a new range of products with the same genuine Sensormatic promise of quality and security retailers have come to rely on. These tags and alarming wraps provide a reliable solution for many high-theft, high-velocity categories including:

  • Sporting goods alarming tags — includes a new two-tone and three-tone alarming tags for bats, golf clubs and sunglasses
  • Apparel and Accessories — includes new super pencil, saucer, optical and jewelry specific tags for leather goods, designer jeans, eyewear and footwear
  • Electronics and Power Tools — includes new alarming wraps with smaller footprint and more aesthetic design to provide a strong visual deterrent while not interfering with brand promotion on packaging

Sensormatic = Confidence

  • Meets Sensormatic quality / performance standards
  • Passes extensive engineering testing guidelines
  • Complies with Global Regulatory standards
  • Compatible with all Sensormatic detachers
  • Covered under Sensormatic warranty
  • Backed by Tyco Retail Solutions Service and Support
  • Proven NDL technology

    In parallel to the new set of sensors being launched, Sensormatic has also introduced a new multi-use detacher that effectively removes all magnetically detachable Sensormatic tags as well as those of most competitors, simplifying the sensor removal process at the Point of Sale (POS) with a single detacher.

    All the tags and alarming wraps are easily applied and removed in-store to help keep operational costs down and free up associates to service more customers — with the ultimate benefit of helping retailers increase sales and profit.

    For more information on Tyco Retail Solutions’ sensor portfolio options, click here.

    Why Genuine Sensormatic®?

    Critical AM Label Requirements

    Possible Challenges of Sub-Standard Labels

    Potential Retailer Impact

    By purchasing genuine Sensormatic® labels, you avoid the potential challenges and impact to shrink levels and profitability presented by sub-standard labels

    Reliable Detection
    • Wide frequency distribution
    • Large number of dead labels
    • Out of spec or “dead” labels not detected at front end
    • Lack of active deterrence at front end — compromising EAS program
    Consistent Deactivation
    • Inferior materials / wrong material composition
    • Poor label magnetization
    • Labels not consistently deactivated
    • Increased failures to deactivate; more nuisance alarms
    • Compromised shopper experience
    Quality Physical Construction
    • Label bowing
    • Poor label construction
    • Inferior appearance of tagged merchandise
    • Prevention of label detection or deactivation
    • Increased shrink, false alarms and customer satisfaction
    Safe for Use & Environment
    • Hazardous substance standards
    • Delamination
    • Local regulatory penalties
    • Compromised shopper and employee safety
    • Non-compliant with corporate green initiatives
    Backed by Extensive Patent Portfolio
    • Infringement of Tyco patents
    • Disruption of source

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