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Tyco Retail Solutions Helps Fight Organized Retail Crime with Enhanced EAS Detection

If you’re a retailer, there’s a good chance you’re one of the 96% impacted by Organized Retail Crime (ORC) in 2012.(1) ORC groups are professional shoplifters that steal large quantities of merchandise, usually with intent to resell for a large profit. These groups are responsible for as much as $37 billion in losses for retail businesses annually.(2)

What’s worse is ORC groups are getting savvier and incidents are becoming more frequent with advancements in shoplifting technology designed to bypass common Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems – like booster bags and jammer devices.

Example of a booster bag disguised as a woman’s purse.
Booster bags can be disguised to look like a handbag or backpack from the outside. But on the inside, they are lined with thick layers of aluminum foil. The foil creates a barrier between the EAS sensor on the merchandise and the pedestal at the store’s exit. When used properly, booster bags allow shoplifters to leave the store undetected. No alarm will sound and the retailer will be none the wiser.

Example of a jammer device concealed in a pack of cigarettes
Jammers are more technologically advanced than booster bags. These devices send an electronic signal that “jams” the signal sent from an active sensor attached to merchandise to the pedestal, allowing the thief to leave the store undetected. In most cases, jammers are a two person job. One person activates the device while his partner leaves the store with the stolen products. Shoplifters can make jammers at home or easily purchase them over the internet and they usually resemble a common consumer item like a cell phone or pack of cigarettes.

One reason booster bags and jammers are becoming so popular is because retailers aren’t aware of their presence until it’s too late. To help solve this problem, Tyco Retail Solutions took their existing EAS system and kicked it up a notch. Tyco’s genuine Sensormatic line of EAS solutions now offers enhanced EAS protection that detects booster bags and jammers when they’re brought into a store so retailers can stop theft before it happens.

Here’s how it works: the jammer and booster detectors are linked to an alarm (silent or audible) and video surveillance. If one of these shoplifting devices is brought into the store, associates will be notified through the alarm and can get a picture of the potential shoplifter. In most cases, employees will ask the suspected potential thief if they can help him or her, usually deterring the thief from proceeding with their plan. By utilizing these enhanced features, retailers can not only prevent a shoplifting incident before it occurs, seeing an immediate return on investment, they can also effectively protect their merchandise while still providing a pleasant shopping environment for honest customers.

For more information on these new features offered by genuine Sensormatic, contact a Tyco representative in your area here.


1 National Retail Federation Annual Survey, 2012; 2Ibid


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