Genuine Sensormatic Pumps up Footwear Protection

Footwear is one of the highest contributors to above average shrink levels in the discount apparel market. In fact, the 2011 Global Retail Theft Barometer reported shrink in footwear has risen year over year to 0.99% globally and 1.2 percent in North America alone – especially affecting retailers with open-end merchandising.

While having shoes openly displayed can enhance the customer experience, it can also be a key contributor to increased shrink in this category. The good news is, approximately 60% of shoes have buckles, eyelets, etc, that allow retailers to easily attach an Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) tag with a pin or lanyard.

But the other 40% aren’t so easy to protect. A wide-variety of women’s pumps and men’s loafers don’t have a convenient place to “hook” an EAS tag. This leaves retailers two options. They can use traditional EAS tags that damage the shoe and make it uncomfortable for the customer to “try before they buy,” or simply leave their merchandise unprotected and vulnerable to theft.

In an effort to address this large, un-served footwear market, Tyco Retail Solutions developed an innovative, effective footwear tag designed to specifically guard shoe styles that fall in the “difficult to protect” category. The unique design and engineering of this tag:

  • Protects your merchandise. This solution lets retailers open merchandise with confidence. The sensor securely attaches to the heel of the shoe and cannot be easily removed by hand without damaging the item.
  • Doesn’t damage footwear. After removing the sensor, there won’t be a mark or hole in the shoe.
  • Enhances customer experience. Supports open merchandise by allowing the retailer to keep stock on the sales floor without interfering with customers trying on the shoes.
  • Easy to use. This intuitive solution requires no more time to apply or remove than a standard EAS tag/sensor applied to a shoe.


With this expansion in effective footwear protection, retailers can now get the same genuine Sensormatic guarantee of protection trusted worldwide to help lower shrink and increase overall profitability – in a completely new category of footwear. No other brand in the loss prevention market offers anything close. For more information on innovative solutions to fight shrink storewide, download Tyco’s free white paper on ORC. If you’d like more information on how to implement a footwear protection solution at your stores, contact your local sales representative here for more information. ​


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