Sensormatic Source Tagging — Over 40 Billion Strong

Assorted, accessible merchandise is a shopper’s delight…and a retailer’s risk. They need to achieve the often conflicting goal of improved item protection while openly displaying products for enhanced shopper convenience. That’s why retailers rely on highly effective genuine Sensormatic Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems to help reduce theft, satisfy shopper demand and increase profits.

By layering this technology with the Sensormatic anti-theft source tagging program, retailers can achieve more accurate on shelf inventory and reduced shrink while promoting an open shopping environment. In the last decade the Sensormatic anti-theft source tagging program has protected over 40 billion products, making it the most trusted brand in retail loss prevention.

With over 45 years of EAS excellence in retail, Tyco Retail Solutions is the global leader in security source tagging, providing worldwide coverage across a wide range of retailer product categories including: apparel, general merchandise, computer products, meats, wine and spirits, health and beauty care, multimedia, and power tools.

Protecting high value meats is an ongoing priority for grocery retailers. To protect this high-theft category for retailers, Tyco was an industry pioneer in developing the first EAS microwaveable label specifically made to protect pre-packaged or store prepared meats. This Sensormatic Acousto-magnetic label is safe for use in microwaves, so it can be concealed inside meat absorbent pads or beneath product stickers. Meat pads source tagged with Sensormatic EAS technology not only help protect the meat’s freshness and visual appeal, but also they deliver hard-to-defeat, anti-theft protection with the industry’s most advanced EAS technology. Shoppers, in turn, gain the convenience of being able to defrost meat in their microwave ovens without removing its packaging. Sensormatic EAS microwaveable sensors have helped retailers worldwide safeguard over 400 million of their most high-risk packaged meat items from theft.

With 45 years of retail excellence protecting over 40 billion Sensormatic source tagged products and over 400 million packaged meats, the numbers speak for themselves. It’s no wonder why retailers worldwide trust genuine Sensormatic source tagging to help control theft, maintain profit margins and enhance shopper loyalty.​

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