IN-Store Newsletter: Taking Loss Prevention to the Next Level

April-May 2013 Issue

Taking Loss Prevention to the Next Level

Not only are Organized Retail Crime groups responsible for as much as $37 billion in retail loss every year, they are using devices to bypass traditional loss prevention systems, making incidents more frequent - and harder to detect - than ever before. But you don't have to be a victim. Discover how to help stop this loss before it happens.

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Genuine Sensormatic Pumps up Footwear Protection

Footwear is one of the highest contributors to above average shrink levels in the discount apparel market - especially for open-end merchandising retailers. But thanks to a new, innovative, easy-to-use sensor, you can rest easy and still provide a pleasant shopping experience for your customers.

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EAS: Minding Your Own Business

In 2011, retailers suffered more than $119 billion in direct losses worldwide - that's a staggering 1.45% of total retail sales! As a first line of defense, they're using Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) as a strong visual deterrent to help control theft. Learn more about how EAS is an effective solution in minding your business.

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Sensormatic Source Tagging—Over 40 Billion Strong

Having access to a variety of merchandise is every shopper's dream, yet every retailer's potential nightmare. That's why retailers rely on the array of genuine Sensormatic source tagging solutions to help control theft, maintain profit margins and enhance shopper loyalty. With over 40 billion of retailers' products protected by Tyco's highly effective Sensormatic source tagging solutions, the numbers speak for themselves.

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