Belle Gains Deeper Insights about the Intelligent, Empowered Shopper to Drive Results

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In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive retail environment, store managers need to understand shopper behavior to improve store performance and deliver an enhanced shopper experience. With smart phones in hand, shoppers can quickly read reviews, ask friends and family, and compare prices to gather data in a few clicks. These empowered shoppers know where and when to get exactly what they want. Knowing how customers shop in your store helps you maximize their satisfaction and deliver your bottom line results.

That’s exactly the reason China’s number one shoe retailer, Belle International, selected Tyco’s Traffic Intelligence solution. Offering a range of private label and branded footwear in thousands of retail outlets in mainland China and 170 stores in Hong Kong and Macau, Belle required a traffic intelligence solution across its store network to increase conversion rates – turning shoppers into buyers – and analyze customer behavior to enhance merchandising strategies.

“With our new traffic intelligence solution, we are able to obtain the most essential traffic count data for conducting valuable analysis such as conversion rate, effectiveness of marketing campaigns and even act as a solid support for rent negotiation with our landlords,” said Raymond Tong, Associate IT Director of Belle Worldwide Limited.

Tyco’s Traffic Intelligence solution provides essential real-time count data to analyze the conversion rate of visitors into actual buyers. Based on these figures, Belle is able to generate full dimension reports and analyses such as period-to-period and year-to-year comparisons to adjust their business operations accordingly.

Knowing how many people frequent their stores, and at what time, allows Belle to focus on a number of operational areas such as how many sales people are required, sales rates and which promotions are attracting shoppers to their stores. By providing a clear interpretation of store traffic, Tyco helps Belle improve virtually any aspect of store operations as they allocate resources in proportion to the number of shoppers.

Tyco’s Traffic Intelligence solutions also enables Belle to compare its different brands with each other. With the system, Belle can evaluate the general attractiveness of each brand – which is usually co-located in the same shopping mall, sometimes even next to each other. The highly valuable insight gained with this approach provides Belle with a basis for a number of analyses such as where to open new shops or how to time promotions.

Capturing a deeper level of intelligence about their empowered shoppers helps Belle make better business decisions, improve profits and boost store operations. For more information on how to make Tyco’s Traffic Intelligence solution optimize your store performance, contact your local sales representative here for more information.


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