IN-Store Newsletter: Omni-Channel, Conversion, RFID and Belle International

August-September 2013 Issue

Inventory Intelligence: Key To Unlocking Omni-Channel Retailing

Tyco Retail Solutions explores inventory intelligence as an essential part of retailing today. It not only supports omni-channel initiatives but also aligns the supply chain to demand, helping retailers keep the promises they make to online, mobile, and in-store shoppers.

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Traffic Intelligence: The Science of Shopper Conversion

Nancy Chisholm, Vice President and General Manager for Tyco Retail Solutions, sheds light on the benefits of measuring store traffic and how retailers can use this valuable, overlooked intelligence to increase shopper conversion and maximize profits.

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RFID-Enabled Shrink Visibility Leads to Precise Inventory and Increased Profit

Omni-channel customers who leave the store unhappy and empty handed aren't likely to keep their negative experience to themselves. But you don't have to let this happen in your store. Find out how Tyco Retail Solutions' Shrink Visibility can help keep your customers happy—and your profits high.

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Belle Case Study: Tyco's Traffic Intelligence Solution Helps Improve the Bottom Line

This case study explores how Tyco’s experience in developing innovative solutions helps Belle International manage its growing volume of data to increase conversion rates, optimize labor efficiencies and enhance merchandising strategies to boost the bottom line.

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