IN-Store Newsletter: Delicate Tags, Footwear Tags, Source Tagging, and EAS

October–November 2013 Issue

Sensormatic Apparel Source Tagging Tops the One Billion Mark Annually

Tyco Retail Solutions has great cause to celebrate. It’s the first company to protect over one billion consumer apparel items annually, an industry milestone achieved through its trusted genuine Sensormatic brand anti-theft source tagging program.


Damage-Free Protection for the Most Delicate Merchandise

Tyco Retail Solutions recognizes the challenge our retail customers face in providing damage-free protection for their delicate, high-value merchandise. Find out how the new innovative Sensormatic anti-theft tag safeguards delicate items that previously could not be protected with traditional hard tags.


Independent Study Finds Sensormatic EAS Delivers ROI in Less than a Year

Grocery retailers face unique challenges when it comes to protecting high theft products in difficult categories. In a study conducted by IDC Retail Insights find out how a leading U.S. grocery retailer significantly reduced shrink through using Sensormatic anti-theft technology.


Genuine Sensormatic Pumps up Footwear Protection

One of the most theft-prone items in today’s retail environment is ladies footwear. An innovative addition to Tyco’s expansive sensor portfolio, the effective footwear tag affords the shopper an optimal shoe fitting experience while ensuring the trusted protection of genuine Sensormatic Acousto-Magnetic technology.


Take an Interactive Journey to Experience Tyco’s Expanded Sensor Portfolio

Explore our comprehensive portfolio of genuine Sensormatic sensors in 3D.


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