Taking Source Tagging to the Next Level with Recirculation

Program Offers a Bridge to RFID

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In today’s challenging environment, retailers are under extreme pressure to reduce shrink, improve store operations, increase profits and enhance the customer experience. When every minute counts, time-saving solutions like source tagging, can help. Source Tagging has a large role in revolutionizing retail logistics, store merchandising and loss prevention practices. But the benefits don’t stop there.

Tyco Retail Solutions has taken source tagging to the next level with its Source Tagging Recirculation program. Our newest and fastest growing program features reusable hard tags that are applied to merchandise at source, shipped to retailers, removed at the point-of-sale, and then recirculated. Also this program offers an important bridge in the migration to RFID-based solutions. With one dual AM/RFID hard tag applied at the source, retailers can control shoplifting and also gain vital item-level visibility for better inventory management.


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