Leading Asian Fashion Retailer Tracks Customer Behavior, Thanks to Tyco

Dynamic traffic intelligence solution answers the who, what, when, why and where of today’s consumers to increase store conversion rates

NEUHAUSEN, Switzerland—February 19, 2014—Tyco Retail Solutions (www.tycoretailsolutions.com), a leading global provider of retail performance and security solutions, today announced that FJ Benjamin, a group of global luxury and lifestyle brands across Asia, has successfully implemented Tyco’s Traffic Intelligence solution. With brands such as Banana Republic, Celine, Gap, Givenchy, Guess and La Senza, the retailer needed a clear understanding of how the differently branded stores’ locations compared with each other, as well as the ability to track shopper conversion rates within each store. By relying on Tyco’s traffic intelligence solution, FJ Benjamin now has unprecedented insight into customer behavior to drive better conversion rates and optimize store performance.

The Who What When Why & Where; Key Benefits:

  1. Increased conversion rates— FJ Benjamin now knows how many shoppers become buyers and how much they spend per visit. This empowers the retailer to adapt their strategies and drive greater profitability per store.
  2. Incremental sales— Armed with traffic intelligence, FJ Benjamin can analyze the impact of promotions and in-store advertising. As a result, the retailer can optimize advertising campaigns to shopper preferences.
  3. Improved customer service— Having visibility to in-store peak selling times, FJ Benjamin can maintain an ideal associate-to-shopper ratio, which ultimately enhances the in-store experience for shoppers.
  4. Better understanding of the business— FJ Benjamin understands exactly the number of people entering its stores and making a purchase. It also has visibility to areas in stores where shoppers spend most of their time, conversion rates in particular store areas, peak selling times, and the stores with particularly high or low conversion rates.
Luxury fashion retailer FJ Benjamin

Luxury fashion retailer FJ Benjamin relies on Tyco’s Traffic Intelligence solution to increase shopper conversion, enhance the customer experience, and optimize store performance.

“Tyco’s traffic intelligence solution is critical to helping us stay ahead of the competition, increase conversion rates and reduce lost sales,” said FJ Benjamin’s spokesperson. “Most importantly, now, we can track conversion rates on an hourly basis and store managers receive real-time updates and alerts, enabling our sales force to better serve the needs of our customers. We are impressed with the results to date and consider Tyco Retail Solutions a true partner in our efforts to harness the power of consumer behavior intelligence to optimize our store performance across brands.”

“FJ Benjamin maximized the value of their investment by integrating their Tyco EAS and traffic systems,” said Scott Clements, President of Tyco Retail Solutions and Chief Technology Officer of Tyco. “Now, the EAS systems only alarm when tagged merchandise exits the store. Nuisance alarms from shoppers who are too close to EAS pedestals or from tags entering the store are virtually eliminated for a better shopping experience and optimal EAS system performance.”

Visit our website to learn more about Tyco Retail Solutions’ Traffic Intelligence Solution or more about FJ Benjamin’s story.

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