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March 2014 Issue

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Macy's store Macy's Successfully Manages Thousands of Display Shoes to Optimize Inventory and Store Operations

Discover how Macy's is using RFID enabled technology to increase inventory accuracy and enhance the customer shopping experience in the world's largest shoe department in New York, and across the entire chain

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Source tagging recirculation wp Taking Source Tagging Further with Recirculation

Source Tagging plays a large role in revolutionizing retail logistics, store merchandising and loss prevention practices. But the benefits don't stop there. Source tagging recirculation is a bridge to RFID for end-to-end visibility while delivering the ultimate in anti-shoplifting protection.

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Visible Store WP Gain Visibility into What's Happening in your Store

With the rise in online shopping, retailers are responding by extending the traditional role of their stores to allow customers to shop however, whenever and wherever they choose. An Italian-based high fashion retailer relied on RFID-based solutions to improve inventory accuracy, shopper conversion rates and store processes.

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50 years of source tagging The Next 50 Years: The Evolution of Source Tagging and RFID

Remember when hard tags were dumb, clunky annoyances attached to only a certain category of garments; much the same way the first cell phones were clunky, impractical, and anything but "smart?" LP Magazine spotlights Nancy Chisholm, Vice President and General Manager for Tyco Retail Solutions, on source tagging evolution (see page 67).

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Saks Case Study Case Study: The Footwear Fashion Experience at Saks Fifth Avenue

Imagine having up to 15,000 pairs of shoes arrive every week! How does a retailer ensure the full assortment of colors and styles are available for customers to view, when the number of shoes on display averages 3,000? Learn about Saks Fifth Avenue's solution.

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50 billion sourcetags Source Tagging - 50 Billion Strong

Source tagging, a global loss prevention standard, just hit its 20-year anniversary and remains a growing trend. Industry leading Sensormatic brand tags have been source applied to more than 50 billion items. How did Anna's Linens embrace source tagging for increased customer engagement?

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Retail RFID ROI ChainLink New Research Report / The ROI for RFID in Retail

In a report sponsored by Tyco Retail Solutions, Chainlink Research explored the RFID "Renaissance" in retail, based on feedback from over 120 retailers from the Americas and Europe. Learn the top three reasons retailers cited for implementing RFID now, as well as reasons why some RFID-based projects were not pursued.

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Genuine Sensormatic Genuine Sensormatic, the Most Trusted Label in Retail

Consistent EAS label quality is essential to ensure effective theft deterrence, proper point-of-sale deactivation, and a positive store experience for honest shoppers. Learn what La Gardenia, one of Europe's largest cosmetics and perfumery retailers, said about the benefits they experienced using Sensormatic EAS solutions.

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