ChainLink Research Reports European RFID Momentum

Tyco Sponsored Study Reveals Significant Value from Inventory Management Use Cases

LONDON, UK—March 11, 2014—Tyco Retail Solutions (, a leading provider of retail performance and security solutions, today announced the release of an important subset of findings from the new Tyco sponsored ChainLink Research report: Use Cases Driving the Current Surge in RFID Adoption. ChainLink’s Research team surveyed and interviewed more than 120 retailers from Europe and the Americas to explore the resurgence of interest and substantial growth in the use of RFID technology in retail. The study revealed that almost all of the retailers implementing RFID, whether in limited pilots or widespread store RFID rollouts, have seen a sales uplift in the categories where they implemented item-level RFID. This improvement was primarily due to an increase in on-floor availability, driven by dramatic improvements in inventory accuracy. In most categories, the sales uplift has been substantial (up to 10 percent or more), creating a strong ROI and business case for implementing RFID.

Based on research from some of the most experienced retailers across Europe, ChainLink Research found that use cases driven by accurate inventory visibility provided significant value. European retailers ranked “Ensuring On-Floor Availability,” “Reducing Out of Stocks,” and “Inventory Accuracy” as its top RFID drivers.

During interviews, European retailers reported compelling benefits associated with deployment of RFID-based solutions:

  • “RFID gives us the transparency to reduce stock outs, which we couldn’t even calculate before. With that comes the benefit of maintaining on-floor availability, ensuring backroom item inventory is represented on the sales floor. Retailers don’t easily know their out of stocks or replenishment needs. We could measure and reduce out of stocks almost to zero.”
  • “The biggest advantage of RFID is nearly 100 percent item-level inventory accuracy. Depending on the category, we saw up to double digit sales improvements due to accurate inventory visibility enabling the correct store merchandise allocations, receipts, and sales. That paid for all the investment in technology and IT support.”

According to Ann Grackin, CEO of ChainLink Research, “RFID adoption has made huge strides and Europe is very progressive in its deployments. The retail user community has conducted pilots, learned many lessons and identified strong use cases. The most successful RFID deployments in Europe have proven inventory-based use cases and dedicated program managers who understand nuances of business.”

When asked about the most important attributes of RFID solution providers, European retailers overwhelmingly showed a preference for providers with strong “RFID Experience and Track Record,” along with “Depth of Retail Experience,” and “Global Presence.” These findings emphasise the importance of selecting experienced RFID technology providers who understand and have successfully overcome real-world deployment challenges ranging from the physics of RFID technology to integration with store systems.

“Retailers with RFID solutions are reporting sizeable operational, financial, and customer satisfaction advantages over their competitors. If you are one of those competing retailers, you should probably be taking a serious look at implementing RFID now,” Ms. Grackin concluded.

Download a copy of this new ChainLink Research report to learn more.

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