Tyco Retail Solutions Introduces Sensormatic Bottle Cap Tag for Wine and Spirits

First to market AM and RF technology inside one tag for highest level of security without impacting merchandising of high-theft, high-value category

NEUHAUSEN, Switzerland—April 30, 2014—Tyco Retail Solutions (www.tycoretailsolutions.com), a leading global provider of retail performance and security solutions, today announced the release of a new Sensormatic Bottle Cap Tag for wine and spirits. A notoriously difficult category to protect, the innovative hard tag features a sleek, transparent design to prevent theft, in-store consumption, and bottle content transfer without interfering with open merchandising or brand promotion. The new Sensormatic tag is the only one available on the market which contains both acousto-magnetic (AM) and radio frequency (RF) technology inside one tag. This combination allows retailers to protect a wide range of merchandise and easily transition from RF to AM without compromising previous hard tag investments.

Sensormatic Bottle Cap Tag on wine bottle 

Tyco’s innovative Sensormatic Bottle Cap Tag helps retailers keep high value, theft-prone wine and spirits protected yet accessible to enhance the shopper experience.

According to the most recent Global Retail Theft Barometer, wine and spirits are among the most ‘high-risk’ product lines as they are easy to steal and hide, have a relatively high value, and are frequently resold via the Internet. Retailers must ensure high value, theft-prone items are protected but also accessible to customers in order to drive sales. With the Sensormatic Bottle Cap Tag, Tyco Retail Solutions offers retailers the highest level of performance and defeat resistance coupled with an aesthetically pleasing design.

“Retailers consistently cite wine and spirits as a top theft category causing approximately $6.6B in lost sales globally, according to the Global Retail Theft Barometer. Due to these concerns, retailers are hesitant to openly display high-loss wine and spirits on the sales floor – and are more likely to keep the product behind the counter or in lock boxes. This top theft category is prone to shoplifting and burglaries via organized retail crime. Retailers and manufacturers are actively working to increase liquor sales, while ultimately decreasing shrink,” said Read Hayes, PhD, CPP, Director- Loss Prevention Research Council, Co-Director- Loss Prevention Research Team, University of Florida.

Based on the strong detection capabilities of genuine Sensormatic AM Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) technology, the new Bottle Cap Tag is highly effective on products containing liquids and fits most bottle neck sizes. The tag’s slim form factor maximizes shelf space and category planogram. It also helps eliminate the need for retailers to realign shelving – a major disruption that larger tags often require. In addition, the new Sensormatic tag is easy to apply and easy to remove at the point-of-sale, decreasing operational costs associated with tag application and enabling store associates to expedite customer check-out and enhance the overall shopper experience.

“The wine and spirits category essentially requires open merchandising as customers love to pick up bottles, read labels, and inspect corks. In this environment, retailers often struggle with how to best incorporate a strong visual deterrent to discourage theft without hindering sales in the process,” said Nancy Chisolm, Vice President and General Manager of Tyco Retail Solutions. “With our new Sensormatic Bottle Cap Tag, they can have the best of both worlds, and feel confident that their tag is backed by the stringent quality and performance standards retailers around the world have relied on for nearly 50 years.”

About Tyco Retail Solutions

Tyco Retail Solutions is a leading global provider of integrated retail performance and security solutions, deployed today at more than 80 percent of the world’s top 200 retailers. Customers range from single-store boutiques to global retail enterprises. Operating in more than 70 countries worldwide, Tyco Retail Solutions provides retailers with real-time visibility to their inventory and assets to improve operations, optimize profitability and create memorable shopper experiences.

The Tyco Retail Solutions portfolio for retailers is sold direct through Tyco businesses and authorized business partners around the world. For more information, please visit TycoRetailSolutions.com or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and our YouTube channel.


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