The Evolution of Source Tagging

20-Plus Years of Retail Innovation

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Today, retailers trust Tyco’s Sensormatic source tagging program which protects over 50 billion items worldwide from theft. Its genesis occurred more than 20 years ago when electronic article surveillance (EAS) source tagging revolutionized the retail industry. Thanks to this innovative new approach, retailers could protect their products with a disposable EAS label affixed directly on the merchandise by consumer-products manufacturers or their packagers, rather than by in- store associates. Instead of spending valuable time applying hard tags associates can redirect their focus by engaging directly with shoppers to create a more personalized experience.

LP Magazine takes a look at the past, present and future of source tagging in several interesting feature articles with significant input and thought leadership from Tyco Retail Solutions. In the Solutions Showcase, Nancy Chisholm, V.P & General Manager of Tyco Retail Solutions, offers her insights on the evolution of source tagging and what’s ahead with RFID-based solutions.

Download the article reprint to read more of the story of innovation in retail Loss Prevention.

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