Inditex Group Implements Advanced New RFID Solution for Inventory Visibility

Tyco Retail Solutions’ Inventory Intelligence Products Operating in 700 Zara Stores

Inditex Group, the world’s largest apparel retailer, has awarded Tyco a chain wide contract for RFID-based inventory intelligence. Having timely, accurate visibility into all merchandise styles, colors and sizes is critical. This visibility enables Inditex to create precise merchandise plans and tailored product assortments by store, and to deliver an exceptional customer shopping experience across their Zara chain.

Zara Store in Champs-Elysees, Paris, France 

Zara store at Champs-Élysées in Paris, France.

As a customer focused retailer, Inditex has derived significant value from Tyco’s RFID-based inventory visibility products, currently deployed in 700 Zara stores across 22 countries. Real-time inventory visibility supports Inditex’s strategic omni-channel objectives and customer service standards, ensuring the right products are in the right place at the right time. With this RFID-based solution, Inditex is achieving operational efficiencies through improved inventory processes and better controls for reducing shrink. The retailer is optimizing its inventory investment and maximizing sales and margins.

Inditex’s President, Pablo Isla, noted that the “Implementation of this next-generation technology is the one of the most significant changes ever in how the Group’s stores operate.”

Tyco’s global services team has been a collaborative partner in the successful deployment of these solutions to Inditex stores around the world. As part of the RFID inventory intelligence and loss prevention solutions deployed across the Zara retail stores are:

Read our recent press release for further information:

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