Why Being 'In' Fashion Pays Off

Keeping an eye on the merchandise doesn't have to conflict with keeping an eye on style

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Fashion retailers are revered for keeping customers in vogue. Trend-driven loyalists are attracted by strong brand recognition, desiring to ‘be seen’ in the must-have of the season. In today’s highly competitive environment, apparel retailers must stay responsive to the latest styles, understand customer preferences and implement the right technology if they want to optimize efficiency, profitability and security.

An Australian fashion industry leader, with a portfolio of iconic brands, has long recognized the effectiveness of AM EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) technology in helping to minimize shrink and maximize profitability. But as a sluggish Australian economy continued to impact the retail sector, the need to identify more efficient and cost-effective ways of protecting merchandise from theft became even more important. Working closely with Tyco Retail Solutions, they deployed an innovative source tagging recirculation program to boost retail operations and enhance security.

Download our retail case study to learn how Tyco’s Sensormatic source tagging recirculation program paid off within 12 months for our Australian fashion customer.

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