Tyco Retail Solutions Honored for Helping Retailers Achieve Sustainability Goals

Industry pioneer for innovative source tag recirculation program recognized as a 2014 Supply & Demand Chain Executive Green Supply Chain Award winner

NEUHAUSEN, Switzerland—November 13, 2014—Tyco Retail Solutions (www.tycoretailsolutions.com), a leading global provider of retail performance and security solutions, continues to be recognized for its commitment to helping retailers successfully execute sustainability initiatives. Named a 2014 Supply & Demand Chain Executive Green Supply Chain Award winner for an innovative source tag recirculation program, Tyco Retail Solutions is helping retailers around the globe meet their green supply chain goals.

An Innovation Pioneer

Even after 40 years, Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) ‘hard tags’ rank high among the solutions retailers use to combat losses from theft as they provide a visual deterrent and also increasingly offer brands a pathway to better inventory visibility through RFID technology. A growing volume of these tags are now applied at the point of garment manufacture, instead of in stores. In 2010, Tyco recognized that these tags—and others—didn’t need to be disposed or simply recycled, but instead could be reused to provide retailers the ultimate environmental and operational benefits. The company set up the industry’s first source tag recirculation program where hard tags are applied at the manufacturing source and then fully recirculated back through the supply chain from the retail store.

Today, more than half of Tyco’s genuine Sensormatic brand labels are applied by product manufacturers or packaging companies, instead of in store. The program encompasses source application of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) disposable labels, as well as recirculated Acousto-Magnetic (AM) EAS and RFID hard tags with over five billion apparel items tagged to date.

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Tyco Retail Solutions recognized for its commitment to helping retailers worldwide successfully execute sustainability initiatives.

Green is Good Business

Tyco’s global initiatives combine the advantages of recirculating hard tags with the business benefits of source tagging. With the recirculation program, products arrive in stores already protected against theft and ready for sale. Returning tags to the source using established shipping routes and containers is the most energy-efficient way to transport goods over long distances and reduce greenhouse emissions.

In addition, recirculating hard tags to manufacturing sources is an excellent alternative to disposable tags. By using an established reverse logistics process, tags can be reapplied multiple times at the garment manufacturing location eliminating both waste and costs.

“Retailers around the world are focused on providing shoppers with green stores that are inviting, safe and secure. Many are also initiating sustainable practices in their supply chain processes because it’s not only a social obligation, but good business,” said Nancy Chisholm, President, Tyco Retail Solutions. “Source tagging has become a trusted program for retailers worldwide as they work to remain competitive and green in today’s evolving retail environment. We are honored to be recognized as an industry leader in this endeavor and are committed to finding innovative new ways to support our customers supply chain sustainability initiatives.”

About Tyco Retail Solutions

Tyco Retail Solutions is a leading global provider of integrated retail performance and security solutions, deployed today at more than 80 percent of the world’s top 200 retailers. Customers range from single-store boutiques to global retail enterprises. Operating in more than 70 countries worldwide, Tyco Retail Solutions provides retailers with real-time visibility to their inventory and assets to improve operations, optimize profitability and create memorable shopper experiences.

The Tyco Retail Solutions portfolio for retailers is sold direct through Tyco businesses and authorized business partners around the world. For more information, please visit TycoRetailSolutions.com or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and our YouTube channel.


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