EKN Explores the "Future of The Store"

Tyco Sponsors Industry Report on Re-Imagining Stores as Hubs of Omni-channel Customer Engagement

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Today, the role of brick and mortar stores is evolving from being a destination of commerce to a hub of omni-channel customer engagement to remain relevant in a constantly changing environment, attract customer loyalty and enjoy a larger share of wallet. EKN, a boutique research and advisory firm focused on business-technology insights for the retail industry and part of the Edgell Family, explores the key areas of transformation retailers need to smoothly deliver an omni-channel experience to customers.

Based on a survey of 100+ retailers, EKN’s 2014 Stores Industry Benchmark study presents an action roadmap across four major areas of transformation: Store Design & Branding, Personalization, Omni-Channel Hub & Operations and Intelligent Store, each containing actionable recommendations and retailer best practices. Findings from EKN’s report indicate that retailers will need to acquire new capabilities, business processes and technologies to transform and stay relevant in today’s customer-centric environment.

Download EKN’s 2014 Stores Industry Benchmark sponsored by Tyco Retail Solutions to explore the future of the store.

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