2014—A Year to Celebrate!

Customer Success, Product Innovations and Industry Awards

As the face of retail continues changing, retailers must innovate and differentiate to wow customers. To step up their game some of retailers’ 2014 top priorities included delivering a superior customer experience, ensuring inventory accuracy, and protecting high-risk items, achieving sustainability goals. Inditex, Macy’s, Chico’s and TJX, among others, turned to Tyco Retail Solutions to address these issues by delivering innovative products, industry expertise and unparalleled global deployment capabilities needed to compete in today’s retail environment. Closing 2014 on a high note, Tyco earned multiple industry awards for customer implementations and garnered recognition for ongoing in-store green initiatives. Read more about Tyco’s 2014 success.

Momentum continued in 2014 as Tyco’s global source tagging program reached record heights. Its comprehensive program including source application of both EAS labels and reusable hard tags has helped protect over 50 billion consumer items from theft and six billion apparel items at the world’s top retailers. With Tyco’s newest dual technology Acousto-Magnetic (AM) EAS and RFID hard tags, retailers can now control shoplifting, and also gain vital RFID-enabled item-level visibility for better inventory management and connection to the Internet of Things (IoT). Read more about Tyco’s program to boost profitability and efficiency.

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