Is RFID Right for Your Business?

A New White Paper: Understanding Real-World ROI for RFID in Retail

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As customer expectations continue to grow, inventory accuracy and visibility is a business imperative—and it starts with RFID. With RFID, inventory counting can be done faster, more frequently and more accurately than traditional barcode-based methods, leading to significant improvements in both revenue and gross margin. But, how can you know if your retail chain is a good candidate for RFID? If so, what ROI benefits can you expect? In order to rank RFID on the list of IT investments, retailers need a framework for understanding the real value of RFID for their business.

In their latest white paper titled “Understanding Real-World ROI for RFID in Retail,” industry analyst ChainLink Research explores the characteristics of a good candidate for implementing RFID and the use cases driving adoption. Along with the complimentary white paper, ChainLink introduces a new web-based ROI Estimator tool to help retailers determine if RFID-based solutions make sense for their business. Developed in conjunction with Tyco Retail Solutions, this value estimation tool guides retailers through an easy 2-step process to show how operational metrics can improve dramatically with RFID. Optional additional steps estimate project budgets and graph their ROI.

Access the new Retail RFID ROI Estimator tool to help quantify the benefits RFID can deliver.

Read more about ChainLink Research’s new ROI for RFID in Retail white paper.

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