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Tyco Debuts Synergy Series and Advanced Performance Labels

Innovation has the power to transform the way you do business. In today’s constantly changing retail environment, you need technology solutions to help optimize your business. For nearly 50 years, Sensormatic products keep pace with the continuously evolving retail scene and deliver the technological edge you need to stay ahead.

Previewing…the Sensormatic Synergy Series, Tyco’s next generation portfolio of intelligent, extensible and modular Acousto-Magnetic (AM)/RFID detection systems offering superior performance and customization. Featuring a contemporary design, Synergy leverages the power of multiple technologies—connected in one pedestal—to help retailers enhance loss prevention efforts and optimize store performance. With Synergy, you can leverage the value of your EAS investment and gain a clear migration path to RFID for improving operations and profitability. READ MORE >>

Tyco Retail Solutions introduces Sensormatic Synergy Series  

Synergy seamlessly integrates multiple networked technologies in a sleek, trendy design. Watch our latest video to experience the power of Synergy.

Introducing…Tyco’s innovative Sensormatic Advanced Performance (APX) Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) labels designed to provide premier merchandise protection in a variety of retail environments. The APX label’s unique design is easily distinguishable from counterfeit products, offering visual reassurance you are receiving genuine Sensormatic performance, reliability and quality. Backed by 50 years of engineering and industry expertise, Tyco’s Acousto-Magnetic (AM) labels feature the highest quality materials and manufacturing process. READ MORE >>


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