Experience Sensormatic Synergy—Innovation that Connects

Interconnected, Intelligent and Modular

Are you ready to optimize your store performance, reduce loss and amplify the experience you can deliver to your customers? Now you can have it all with the Sensormatic Synergy Series.

Introducing Tyco’s next generation portfolio of interconnected, intelligent and modular Acousto-Magnetic (AM)/RFID detection systems offering superior performance and customization.

Featuring a contemporary design, Synergy leverages the power of multiple technologies—connected in one system—to help enhance your loss prevention efforts and boost your retail performance. Synergy’s connected devices capture valuable intelligence, feeding actionable shopper, shrink and inventory data to Tyco’s TrueVUE reporting platform. This connection gives you enterprise-wide visibility into key operational areas to help you make better decisions and deliver a seamless customer experience.

With Sensormatic Synergy, you can leverage the value of your EAS investment and gain a clear migration path to RFID for improving operations and profitability. For nearly 50 years, Sensormatic products keep pace with the continuously evolving retail scene and deliver the technological edge you need to stay ahead. Read more about Synergy Series…

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