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The Sensormatic story began in 1966, after a thief stole two wine bottles in a supermarket in Ohio, USA. The store employee’s initial reaction was to start chasing the thief but he quickly realised that this attempt was not only too dangerous but completely unsustainable for the long term and knew he needed a better way to deter theft. Along with his cousin, they both created a concept which would involve cutting losses to retailers, deter thieves and therefore prevent potentially dangerous encounters. From this vision, Sensormatic was born to later become a global leader and innovator in loss prevention and retail performance technology. The most successful, flagship solution in the Sensormatic portfolio is Acousto-Magnetic (AM) Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) technology.

Kleider Bauer's new storefront 

The storefront of Kleider Bauer's new Vösendorf location, with Tyco's Sensormatic Synergy Series pedestals in place.

EAS technology has naturally evolved significantly since 1966, but the initial concept is still the same. Tags and labels are attached to garments and products which then trigger an alarm if they have not been deactivated or removed at the point of sale. Of course no system can eradicate theft entirely from the retail market, but EAS has proven to be consistently valuable to retailers over the years for deterring theft.

An effective EAS system should be seen yet unobtrusive and act as the first barrier of visible deterrence against theft. Organised retail criminals are getting more and more sophisticated in their methods in outsmarting the EAS systems. As a result, retailers need to be one step ahead at all times and cannot afford to be complacent, assuming that they are now fully protected. Rapidly advancing technologies and evolving needs of the market and the retailers are a key driver behind Tyco Retail Solutions continuous innovation with EAS solutions and cutting-edge technologies.

This is the fundamental reason why retailers like KLEIDER BAUER in Austria trust Tyco Retail Solutions and have decided to install the Sensormatic Synergy Series.

Austrian fashion retailer KLEIDER BAUER selects the new Synergy Series

Earlier this year, Austrian fashion retailer KLEIDER BAUER became the first company to install the Sensormatic Synergy Series detection system. KLEIDER BAUER’s long history stretches back to 1951, when its first store was opened in Vienna. Since then the company operates under the motto: Austria shows style (“Österreich zeigt still”). Currently, KLEIDER BAUER operates with over 1,000 employees across 28 locations in Austria, offering more than 80 brand collections each year.

KLEIDER BAUER’s relationship with Sensormatic dates back 10 years. During that time, KLEIDER BAUER has installed Megamax and UltraExit EAS systems from Tyco Retail Solutions in 85 percent of their stores.

When KLEIDER BAUER decided to open a brand new store in Vösendorf, they were looking for a high quality yet competitive EAS system that would mitigate the risk of theft and ensure inventory losses were kept to an absolute minimum. Tyco Retail Solutions was able to add value through the combination of new intelligent features. The first was the ability to provide an integrated jammer alert system. The second feature was “Backfield Reduction” which is used to maximise valuable floor selling space. The store at Vösendorf is equipped with 23 Synergy pedestal systems across two floors. The company has additionally decided to use c. 60.000 Sensormatic hard tags, in order to further enhance the performance of the entire system.

Next generation cutting-edge EAS technology

The Sensormatic Synergy Series, launched this October by Tyco Retail Solutions, marks the latest and most significant step towards the full integration of AM EAS along with multiple technologies including RFID, IP/Video and Traffic, connected in ONE network-ready detection system to maximize retailers’ investment and better manage shrink. Synergy’s interconnectivity offers a broad range of benefits enabling retailers to understand when, which, and how many items are stolen whilst identifying trends in merchandise loss and shoplifting scenarios.

Featuring a contemporary and sleek design, the Synergy Series offers a variety of options and accessories to complement most retail environments. Whether a narrow, open frame pedestal or a clear, highly aesthetic acrylic, Synergy delivers the right look for virtually any retail environment.

This new detection system is available in different configurations for wide exits and checkout areas. The integrated audio and visual alarms notify store personnel if protected merchandise passes through the detection zone. The multiple audio and visual alarms can be customized for different event types, mapping the audio and ambient lighting options to reflect the source of the alert, such as foil-lined bags and jammer devices.

The Synergy pedestals feature embedded, multiple-beam people-counting sensors designed for optimal accuracy. With the Synergy network card, these sensors enable traffic intelligence reports and feed critical and actionable data to Tyco’s TrueVUE reporting platform that provides visibility into shopper traffic to enhance store performance and increase conversion rates. Integrating directional traffic information with EAS alarm events allows the sensors to discern between inbound and outbound traffic, virtually eliminating unintended alarms triggered by shoppers carrying protected merchandise near the pedestals. People counting sensors also enable a “power on-demand” benefit that puts the system into low-power standby mode during periods of low or no traffic activity which significantly reduces power consumption by up to 90 percent. A surveillance camera can be optionally integrated at the Synergy pedestal for video verification of EAS alarm events.

The Sensormatic AMS 9060 Controller, the engine behind Synergy’s flexible and modular system, can be enhanced with the optional integrated Metal-Foil Detection plug-in card to effectively combat Organized Retail Crime (ORC). The network plug-in card, comes as standard with this pedestal system, delivers remote management, EAS and traffic intelligence.

Additionally, through system configurations, “tags-too close” and “Backfield Reduction,” retailers can maximise valuable floor selling space near the pedestals and entrance area. This helps retailers reduce unnecessary and costly service calls and decrease nuisance alarms to enhance the shopper experience. Another system-configured feature to help battle ORC is “Jammer Detection” which triggers an alarm as soon as an electronic signal from a jammer device is detected.

EAS technology has come a long way since 1966. Although the primary focus is still on loss prevention, the interconnected Synergy Series provides a clear migration path to RFID technology. By gathering valuable shopper, inventory and EAS intelligence, Synergy feeds critical and actionable data to Tyco’s TrueVUE reporting platform for increased store intelligence and optimal retailer value. Its data intelligence capabilities also offer retailers a building block to future Internet of Things (IoT) applications.EAS works, although shrinkage rates continue to be an issue troubling retailers all over the world. This is what drives Tyco Retail Solutions to continue pioneering leading technology which allows retailers to stay ahead in protecting their employees, inventory and assets.

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