Tyco Retail Solutions Debuts RFID-Enabled Storefront Shrink Visibility

New application provides item-level analytics to strengthen loss prevention and reduce shoplifting

NEUHAUSEN, Switzerland & New York, NY—NRF Big Show & EXPO—January 18, 2016—Tyco Retail Solutions (tycoretailsolutions.com) today announced the latest addition to its next-generation Inventory Intelligence offerings — Storefront Shrink Visibility. This application takes loss prevention efforts to the next level by combining Tyco’s trusted Sensormatic hardware with its TrueVUE Retail Software Platform for unprecedented item-level shrink visibility at the storefront.

Tyco Storefront Shrink Visibility 

Retailers gain item-level visibility into loss events. Report analytics provide actionable insights to help reduce shrink.

Tyco Retail’s Storefront Visibility application leverages Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Acousto-Magnetic Electronic Article Surveillance (AM EAS) technologies to provide actionable data to help reduce loss and better manage shrink. The AM EAS component provides anti-theft protection retailers know and trust, while the RFID component reveals granular insights retailers have never been able to access before now.

The new Storefront application can be layered onto item-level RFID-based Inventory Intelligence solutions to identify causes of inventory distortion at the perimeter of the store, allowing retailers to capture additional benefits. By connecting hardware, such as Sensormatic Synergy Detection Systems with the TrueVUE Retail Software Platform, retailers gain item-level visibility into shoplifting events. Equipped with these insightful analytics from detailed reports and dashboards, retailers can:

  • Understand which items exit without a proper transaction
  • Quickly replenish stolen goods
  • Respond to changes in shoplifting trends
  • Set differentiated alarms based on merchandise value
  • Integrate video-capture for forensic analysis

"By leveraging this application to gain visibility at the storefront, retailers can expand the benefits of existing RFID deployments on the selling floor,” said Nancy Chisholm, President, Tyco Retail Solutions. “Storefront Visibility is also an ideal entry point for retailers looking to start experiencing the benefits of RFID with loss prevention in their stores.”

Additionally, Storefront Visibility supports Tyco’s commitment to combat global Organized Retail Crime (ORC) with innovative technology. Storefront Visibility integrates with compatible surveillance cameras for video verification of storefront alarm events. These videos can be used for forensic analysis and be shared with other stores, other retail chains and law enforcement to offer new insights into ORC.

To learn more about the portfolio of Tyco Retail solutions, please visit booth #1363.

About Tyco Retail Solutions

Tyco Retail Solutions is a leading global provider of integrated retail performance and security solutions, deployed today at more than 80 percent of the world’s top 200 retailers. Customers range from single-store boutiques to global retail enterprises. Operating in more than 70 countries worldwide, Tyco Retail Solutions provides retailers with real-time visibility to their inventory and assets to improve operations, optimize profitability, and create memorable shopper experiences.

The Tyco Retail Solutions portfolio for retailers is sold direct through Tyco businesses and authorized business partners around the world. For more information, please visit TycoRetailSolutions.com or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and our YouTube channel.


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